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  1. Many thanks to everyone here. It has been very stressful and the additional 5 days in the hospital felt like a real sucker punch. But I am happy to say that the past couple of days we have seen some real progress. As many of you I suspect have probably experienced, recovery is very much day to day and up and down so there are definitely good moments and bad. Again, thank you all for your kind words. We have wonderful neighbors, friends, and family close by who have all helped beyond what I would have ever expected.
  2. Hi everyone, I wanted to follow up on my original post. The same day that I made the post, we had to call the ambulance because the pain was so bad and I was not at home at the time. At the ER they determined that the chest/rib pain was actually multiple blood clots (Pulmonary Embolism) in her lungs. She then spent several more days in the hospital but is now home again, hopefully for the last time. She said the pain was so extreme from the PEs that it dwarfed the pain from the NASAH. Fortunately, it has decreased quite a lot in the last few days. -Ma
  3. Hello everyone. My wife had a NASAH about two weeks ago. She ended up staying in the hospital for eight days for pain management (primarily headache and extreme sensitivity to light and sound) and so has been home about a week. We were told she could expect some back pain but a few days ago she started having severe neck, shoulder, arm, and rib pain. The rib pain seems to be the worst and causes her to take shallow breaths. We almost ended up back in the ER but movement is so painful that she didn't want the car ride. Percocet worked a couple times but often doesn't anymore.
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