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  1. Hi all, I know it's been a while since I posted but I have had the worst time since my SAH last May. I suffered a major heart attack 7 weeks ago and was airlifted to hospital for emergency surgery. I have now faced my own mortality not once but twice and it has left me with some real issues. I am in therapy since my SAH and it helps to a degree with the emotional and physical trauma although having a heart attack as well has left me feeling very 'weird' for want of a better word. I don't think they are related medically and the doctor is also left scratching his head as to why these things have happened to me. i just wanted to know if anyone has heard of anyone having a brain heamorrhage AND a heart attack within 8 months of each other, or even at all? Please let know if you have had any experience of this or have any words of wisdom. with many thanks MandyB x
  2. Hello all Has anyone had trouble bringing their knee up while standing after SAH and endovascular coiling surgery? I had terrible bruising 'down there' after my surgery that took over 2 months to clear up but I'm now left with a lazy right leg (the side they went into the femoral artery) and I can't lift my knee to a right angle or higher now. I reckon the the surgeon would have had to push past my hip flexor muscles and tendons during the op and that I have been left with a leg I can't use properly anymore. I have big problems climbing deep steps and have to lift my leg out of the car with my hands now. Do you think it's the bleed (3 months post ruptured SAH) or the surgery that has caused this problem? My GP doesn't seem interested and I haven't been called back for any checkups since I left hospital. I feel discarded and have been left to sort myself out. I go through stages of feeling low but I talk myself around and meditate but I even find that difficult now and harder to focus on being calm and my breathing exercises. It's as though everything is surreal, nothing is real and that I am in limbo, almost suspended in time. Any views on legs and hips would be fab but I also want to know what others are experiencing as nobody around me can hope to know how I really feel since they haven't been through an SAH. I love my partner and friends and value their support but I can't help feeling that I am now very different but have no idea how to tell them how I feel when I don't know myself! With love Mandy x (rising from the ashes, yet again!)
  3. Hi Lynne I am 8 weeks into recovery from an SAH and have the most awful lower back pain and stiffness that isn't getting any better. I had a lumbar puncture (not as many as you had!) and feel this is the reason for my aching back and 'heavy feeling' in my abdomen. I accept that I haven't been left unscathed physically but I would have expected any blood residue in my spinal fluid to have gone by now? I know people will say to see my GP but they are unlikely to know the answer and just send me for more tests that I don't want. Has anyone else suffered the same problems as me and how long might they last? I know everyone is different but it would be good to know if it is a normal part of recovery ☺️ Many thanks Mandy aka Purple Phoenix (risen from the ashes, yet again!) xx
  4. Hello! I am new to BTG but have been reading posts I have found helpful so have signed up :O) I had a SAH just over three weeks ago and I was one of the lucky ones and am up and about with no visible complications. It's the invisible effects that are a concern for me. I was having sweats before the surgery as I had stopped taking HRT and was enduring menopausal sweats which were becoming less frequent. However since coming off the Nimodipine tablets I am suffering constant sweats, not just at night time but during the day as well and it's getting me down. I also feel light headed and I can't get to sleep and when I do I wake every couple of hours. The sweating and lack of sleep is becoming an issue and I feel I am going downhill again. Is severe sweating normal after a SAH and if so, how long will it continue? I feel my GP won't know anything about this if II ask him and I would rather not take any more meds. I know sage is good for sweating but I would rather know the cause than treat the symptoms. I would be grateful for some guidance from others who understand what I am going through as all my friends take one look at me and think I am recovered/fine/able to do everything I did before the surgery... It's what they can't see that matters. Many thanks! x
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