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  1. Thankyou Kay. I’d like to think so. I’m really proud of my new found running skills. Just need to get a grip of myself.
  2. Is there a topic open for SAH caused by aneurysms. Would be nice to get another perspective.
  3. Thanks all for your lovely replies. It really is encouraging. Im terrible at replying in a timely manner ? if only id ticked the box below to notify me. I blame the brain surgery. ?
  4. Hi. Its 18 months since my life was turned upside doen. I had a SAH due to an aneurysm rupture. The resulting craniotomy to clip the pesky artery has left me with homonymous hemianopia on the left side. Im not allowed to drive anymore, but i have become much fitter, completing a few half marathons and the London marathon this year with my partner running as my guide. However, i still get low, frustrated and angry sometimes. I miss my old life.
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