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  1. Thanks super mario. I never even considered that age concern may help me so I will contact them. I am lucky to have a very good gp who is going to write a report as she has treated me since day one. I am so disgusted with the systems which seem to treat you like a mh patient all of the time. I have worked all of my life so why treat so badly and make you feel it’s all in your head
  2. I am now 9 months post negative sah. My initial symptoms have gone/improved. However I am still suffering head/neck aches and extreme dizziness with fatigue. I have not yet returned to work as it does not feel safe for me to do so. I have just had an esa assessment which has deemed me fit to work. How do they know what is happening to me just by working through a standard assessment. Charlie, it’d be good to know how you are doing now as it seems about the same time we were both in queens, Romford
  3. Feelings suffered post sah seem to be identical to depression, or is it depression? Should we be prescribed anti depressants? If so will they work the same?
  4. I, like you are very scared. I suffered dehydration on a recent holiday to turkey. My immediate reaction was a re-bleed. Sadly this thought would not have entered my mind before SAH. We all need to move forward and enjoy our lives as we have all had wake up calls. Take care
  5. My partner cannot understand how I am feeling and telling everyone that I am singling him out and constantly picking on him whilst being nice to everyone else. I really am not but he just does not understand that things are different and tells me to just snap out of it. I feel more relaxed when I am out of the house and out with friends. He just sees this as me having a jolly time whilst he is working. He says if I can go out like this, then I can return to work. I work in the criminal justice system so do not feel I will do my clients much good at the moment. is th
  6. I only have my close up and distance glasses. The hospital have put temp prisms on both. However it is hard to determine which ones to wear and when. I am thinking of having my eyes tested but also concerned of the cost, especially if vision returns to how it was. Perhaps you should consider that. I am 9 weeks post SAH x
  7. Your comments are all really calm and soothing. Thank you. i can definitely see an improvement in the physical ailments, apart from my eyes, but the mental side is getting worse and I seem to be developing more problems than I realised. My anger outbursts are causing me most problems. I want to, but cannot control so just walk away. Noise is a problem and everything I eat tastes bland. Concentration is hard and I keep forgetting things, it is as if my brain only takes in what it wants. Is this all normal activity? I left hospital on 30 May and still have not had a f
  8. Thanks all for your comments. I agree I can empathise with comments from this group. However just thought medical profession would be more supportive with all their technology. Awaiting appt at ophthalmology as have temp prisms on my glasses. Not really helping though as need to wear glasses all the time now and only have reading or driving glasses. Ps does anyone know if legal to drive. Not driving at mo due to vision probs have notified dvla but not heard anything
  9. Hi all i suffered my sah middle of May this year. After 2 angiograms, it proved negative. I was released from hospital without any follow up. I feel I have just been left on the shelf. I have double/blurred vision, dizziness/balance probs and extreme fatigue/memory/cognitive difficulties. No one understands or appreciates how I feel. My doctor keeps providing sick notes for me but I really need help and answers. Any replies on my next moves will be greatly appreciated
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