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  1. Thank you everyone - Mum is at home having intravenous antibiotics then we are at the hospital for a review on Friday hopefully the infection has gone- fingers crossed then it’ll be the plate been inserted in a couple of months. it is like Mum can’t remember the last 10weeks of her life bless her xxx thanks again for all the reassurance and lovely comments x
  2. Thank you. Mum had her skull reopened yesterday and part of her skull taken away- she’s on IV abx and back confused but seems good in herself she’s walking to bathroom and chatting away bless her. Thanks again xx
  3. Thank you Aandrea- did they remove part of your skull when you first had your surgery or did you get readmitted. Glad to hear you’re doing well and no further infection. Hoping Mum isn’t in for too long bless her xxx
  4. Thank you very much for your advice everyone. Mum is currently in theatre they are going to see what they find as unsure if it’s infection with the fluid build up shown on CT. Mum hasn’t shown any signs of infection she’s been really well even going out a couple of hours a day & washing, hoovering etc. So scary to witness a seizure and feels a set back with us, been 9 weeks post op thanks so much for your reassurance posts x
  5. Hi everyone , has anyone experienced an infection post op? Mum is now 9 weeks post SAH she was doing great until she had a seizure yesterday- a CT scan was done which showed fluid on her brain and they think it is infection so talking about removing part of her skull? We are absolutely terrified. thank you tara
  6. Hi Super Mario, Our GP referred us to a neurologist 2 weeks ago we are just awaiting a letter now- we have all the paper work from mums stay in turkey as she was over there 3 weeks. Then an air ambulance brought her home and the doctor onboard said she was medically fit to go home- which shocked us. Thank you. Tara x
  7. Thank you very much it's reassuring to read. We are just worried as haven't seen a neurologist in England and obviously there was communication barrier abroad so this website helps massively. May be we are expecting too much from mum. She went to bed at 8 last night we woke her up for tablets 8 this morning she went back to sleep until 9:30- had half hour downstairs then back in bed but last night she did have a bath and spent about 6 hours in total downstairs thanks so much everyone x
  8. Thank you very much for your help it's much appreciate. Mum got flown home via air ambulance then taken straight home so at the moment other than GP we haven't known who to ask what is 'normal'. When mums been awake she has been eating really well even 3 meals a day which beforehand she would never do and surprising us as she's lost a stone now weighing 8,5 it's just I think she would lay all day in bed if we didn't try to encourage food and fluids as she thinks she's had a drink and eaten when she hasn't. Thanks again for your advice it's much appreciated xx
  9. Thank you for your advice - it's finding the happy balance of resting / sleep and getting her up and build her strength. This website is very helpful. Definitely won't stress her out thanks again xx
  10. Hi everyone , I'm just wondering if anyone suffered with fatigue that they could sleep all day if they were left - my mum (aged 49) had a SAH & a clip during our recent holiday she's now home she came home via air ambulance but we have to keep at her for 40 mins plus to get her up to eat etc which we feel so bad for as she's obviously exhausted but also aware she can't just lay in bed all day. Once she's up she's ok in herself and will stay up for a few hours . She also has short term memory and tells us many stories that haven't happened which I'm sure in time will improv
  11. Hi everyone , I'm new to the site- I have been reading posts and today registered to be a member . My mum (aged 49) had a SAH whilst abroad in turkey - she is now 4 weeks post clip and we have her home but she is struggling massively with fatigue - it takes 40 mins plus to try talk her round to getting up but once she's up she is ok- has anyone else experienced this? She is also still confused and short term memory problems , she tells us stories that hasn't happened and asks where random people are. I know 4 weeks is very early days but other than a diary is there anyt
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