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  1. I asked my GP to refer me again but the hospital stated I didn’t need monitoring again ! I was aghast! I have 2 unruptured yet they have left me to it!
  2. Sadly I was not kept on by a neuro. They concentrated on my eyesight more than anything and discharged me. I’ve still got two aneurysms but they aren’t interested any more. I had psychological tests after my SAH but the results were fine apart from my eyesight affecting the results. I feel like I should be on the scrap heap
  3. My two unrupured aneurysms are ‘small and stable’ according to neurologist two years ago who discharged me on that basis.. so now nobody is keeping an eye on this situation. Feeling very uncared for!! Is this the usual deal?
  4. Hello I’m new here! I had a SAH in 2014 which was treated by coils however I had vasospasm afterwards sadly and ended up in hospital longer than I would have wanted. A few months after I left the hospital I developed double vision and was whisked away again to have a craniotomy as my aneurysm was growing again. I lost my job of 15 years as I couldn’t keep up or even drive which was a part of my job. After this I took a year out to recover and started job hunting. I’ve had three jobs since this time and I’ve been sacked for each one. I kept my previous jobs for ten years plus so I’m quite upset to say the least! My next job entailed training beforehand and I was finished as I had a ‘bad attitude ‘. Admittedly I found it hard to control my mouth, I spoke too soon and had literally no filter! Second lasted one day and I told the boss to stop panicking which apparently you just don’t do when he is concerned. Lastly I’m in a job but weeks in and I’ve fallen out with the boss as she has put pressure on me to do things I can’t do! I’ve over reacted I suppose so I know I’m in for a telling off at the very least. I used to be calm and collected , polite and not rude, now I’m the opposite yet despite having words with myself I cannot keep quiet and let things happen, I cannot allow myself to be almost subordinate and take the orders!! I feel like I’ve emerged from this SAH as a monster almost. I hate myself and this person I’ve become. Is there any hope?? I took antidepressants a few years ago which helped my mood but after 9 stone I put on and a general improvement I stopped them as they made my anger even worse!!
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