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  1. Thanks Trish & Kathy, My grandchildren understand I have “been poorly”. It’s just myself learning to say NO.!! Have my checkup scan in October so fingers crossed everything is as it should be. You take great care. Best wishes ...
  2. Thank you so much for your kind reply WinB123 and Delta 157. It is so comforting to know that others have or are experiencing the same thing. You just tend to worry about the slightest pain or abnormality! Wishing you all the very best. Kind regards
  3. Thank you also Tina. This site gives so much re-assurance to everyone. I know we just have to do what our bodies are telling us to. I have done well with just seems my short term memory is affected and ringing in my left ear (opposite side to my aneurysm) and tiredness. I also had back surgery six months after my aneurysm so my body is probably wondering what is going on!! I will keep you updated. Thank you . You take care xx
  4. Thank you Jess. I will have a word with my GP. Just hate this constant tiredness, and guilt when grandchildren want me to play!!! I just can’t say No. Thank you for your reply xx
  5. Hi, I am eighteen months post Sah with coiling. I am just so tired each day worse than the first few months. I also get dizziness if turn head quickly. Am panicking it could all happen again. Any other members experienced these symptoms. Thank you Behind the Gray for support. You don’t feel so alone!!
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