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  1. Happy to see you are doing well!😍
  2. I see last year I stated I would reply to this in case it would help someone after my visit to primary doctor. Please excuse the oversight. He agreed with you guys, regardless of the reason for the BP rise, stress makes it even worse. He told me something that stuck with me: *Your body remembers having a bleed.* He gave me something to calm my nerves, never took, and told me next time to rest, take bp; if still up, take bp pill, rest and take bp; if still up, take one of those pills to calm me, rest take bp,, and if it was still up, call him. .... Over the course of the year, I have had severa
  3. Sarah, I'm so sorry you had to experience all of that. I know you will find here a place for understanding. (It has been invaluable for me) And I pray everything works out well for you. Blessings! Also, Iola so much of what you said resonated with me. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Hi Sam So glad to meet you. And I am sorry for the great struggle you have endured. My dad and sister died of a brain tumor, so the first thing I thought when the neurologist said there was a problem was: is it a brain tumor? I'm grateful that it wasn't. I can imagine how hard it was knowing/hearing you had the same sickness as your dad. I pray for your full recovery. And I pray for your peace of mind. I know firsthand what a difference that can make. Also, you'll have to stand behind me for the bad parent award; I've been so quick-tempered, even wh
  5. Reading over everyone's thoughtful comments. Very grateful for this group. Thank you.
  6. I love that perspective, Macca. Wise words. Thank you so much.
  7. I ended up going to ER yesterday as BP climbed to 160 range, accompanied with headaches and nausea. ( This occurred after taking BP meds given after SAH for the past two day. The same meds DR had taken me off of when my BP went back to its normal 90/ 60 range two months ago.) The whole incident was too reminiscent of the day of my bleed and quite scary. At the hospital, Cat scan was clear. Bp stabilized, meds given for headache and nausea. And I was so grateful to fall asleep in my own bed after a trying day. But the whole thing got me thinking, what if I hadn't had bp meds to at
  8. Thank you for your thoughtful replies. It's holding steady at the rate I stated earlier. Macca, I definitely plan to follow up with primary doctor on Monday. Was just a little anxious over the weekend, as the only other time in my life I had an elevated BP it led to or was a result of a bleed. I was just reaching out for perspective.
  9. 4 months ago, during my bleed, my blood pressure was uncharacteristically high for me. Typically 90s over 60s. It was 160 over something(can't remember). Drs believe my bleed was RCVS, maybe blood pressure played a role or perhaps an effect. Since about two weeks after bleed, my blood pressure has been back to original low. But the last few days I've been feeling funky. Can't explain, just off. Tired. Increase in head pressure. Before today, bp has been just slightly over my normal. Today, I take my blood pressure and consistently it measures 140 + over 80+. I'm a
  10. I am so sorry you are under such pressure. At one month, post bleed, I was still pretty much a zombie, resting, sleeping constantly. It is incredible to me you have to go through this. And I am so sorry. Please ask for help at home. I pray your children are old enough to help take care of mommy, even though she looks fine on the outside. And I pray that God continues to give you strength to advocate for your health.
  11. Kat, 4 to 6 weeks is such a bunch of rubbish! My heart goes out to you. I can tell you, for me, the last two weeks, #9 and #10, I have noticed improvement. It gives me hope. Hang in there. Everyone is different, but we will get better. Take care of you! And don't feel guilty about taking the time you need to heal. ❤
  12. Thank you Catwoman23 I did see an opthamologist. I was given steroids for eye swelling. Feels much better. He feels the other issues will get better with time. I so appreciate your support and wisdom.
  13. I really appreciate all of the thoughtful comments. Chris, yes I agree I may be still at the beginning stages of letting go and continuing with life. I'm trying.? Catwoman23, I do think it would help me be more at peace to make sure I was clear with my neurologists about all of my concerns, asking specific questions, and also consult with a nutritionist. Weedra, If strict keto is not right for me, maybe with a few moderations, I can continue with a lower carb lifestyle for some of the positives. Thank you all so much!
  14. Hello everyone, I followed a Keto/ low carb diet for over a year before the bleed, but not since. Keto forces your brain to use fat vs sugar for energy. My jeans are fitting tighter, and I know I have regained the weight loss from the hospital. I am considering resuming Keto. None of my doctors thought eating this way was a factor in the bleed, but I can't shake the feeling that maybe it was. I added salt to everything, even my coffee. (Keto depletes the body of salt.) So even though I supplemented, something must have been way off with my nutrients. I tri
  15. Frmetd, This was so great!? Thank you for sharing!
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