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  1. hello to all followers, my first time responding or commenting on this informative site. I am 71 yrs old, Canadian and on Canada Day, '18 I was diagnosed with a "big brain bleed" following 4 days of the incapacitating headache. As a retired nurse, I was wrongfully convinced it was meningitis as I couldn't lower my chin to my chest, combined with the headache, often a classic sign. I had the aneurysm coiled and hospitalized for 12 days. Neuro Dr says I have another smaller aneurysm they will keep an eye on. Almost 500 days now post SAH and only 6 of those days have I been without a mild headache, around a 3/10 on the pain scale. Tolerable and managed with ES Tylenol. I did not, have not , suffered from the fatigue so many of you experienced. My issues are word finding problems, especially proper nouns, as in names and streets, and short term memory issues. A moderate loss of hearing in one ear may be more age related. As frustrating as these may be, this forum offers much appreciated information and support from others who have their own history with SAH.
  2. Hello all from Ont Canada... first time posting on this informative site... I have found comfort and knowledge in reading all you've shared. One year out now from my SAH which was coiled on July 1 last year.. MRI shows I have another smaller aneurysm they have been keeping an eye on. In the 400 or so days since my surgery, I have only enjoyed 5 days without a headache ! On the pain scale, most have been a 3 /10 and relieved with Tylenol. First go round I suffered 5 days with the unbearable headache most of us experienced before seeking help. Never again.. if these daily headaches soar to a 5 or worse I will get medical attention. Word finding issues, especially with proper nouns, as in the names of people I love, and short term memory problems come with the territory as I've been told.
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