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  1. GetWow! There are a lot of people on here. I wish I had found this site years ago. You won't believe how long it's been since the accident. I used to be real good about pretending to be ok. And i focused on everyone else to the point of being codependent. I had to break free from toxic people. They were taking my kindness for weakness. Now, I have no distractions, so to speak. It was 8/26/2002 when i changed into a person i could hardly recognize. I feel like my husband is sick of my teary neediness. I wasn't worried about him when I was helping
  2. Thank you, Kay, and Aandrea. I have been in denial of any of my emotional problems being caused by the head injury i had in a car accident. I cry about everything. I feel weak minded, and fragile. That's not who I thought I was. I used to work as a prison guard lol No way I could do that now, the inmates would hurt my feelings. My husband thinks I act like a child. I can't control my tears, when he says anything that seems mean to me. I usually just get up and go into another room. Is there any technique that has worked for someone? For keeping the tears he
  3. Hello, i had a SAH, when i was in a serious car accident. I hit my head on the dash very hard. I have noticed a huge difference in myself after this event. My emotions are very hard to control and hide. I asked a doctor what i could do to help myself. He said the damage was done and irreversible. I find it difficult to have friendships, my marriage is suffering and I don't know how to change back into who I was before that car accident. I hit the frontal lobe part of my brain, and it caused the bleeding. I feel blessed to be alive, but i also miss my old self. I'm wondering what I
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