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  1. Thankyou for all your comments. My job is not entirely screen based as it involves a variety of things but when im not having a break it is either watching a screen or doing something active which is taking its tole on my body. And with these issues it is also deteriorating my mental health regarding with what the future holds. I am only 25 and have 40 years of work ahead of me. I am struggling to come to terms with my potential employment in the future.
  2. I do try to drink plenty of water, usually about 2 litres a day and I had to stop drinking coffee as it was sending me dizzy. However the fatigue is that bad that I’m having to take a energy drink to work on most shifts (including days) just to get me through and stop me wanting to nod off come the half way point of the shift.
  3. Thankyou for your advice, Having taken on advice from my partner around having more rest time, I am trying to adapt to that. I have always been the sort of person who likes to go and do things and make the most of my time off so to change to doing next to nothing is a very hard task for me. Though to help me adapt, when I do go out I am only going to places like coffee shops where it is more sitting and relaxing and socialising.
  4. I do spend time away from a screen though this can vary shift to shift in terms of time and frequency. I’m just currently suffering silently due to being worried about being taken off the job as I hated the time it took to get back to doing it full time, as well as financial problems that could ruin everything that I’ve worked for
  5. My job is a job that doesn’t have set breaks so there are times where I can be sat down just watching a screen for instance or I’ll take some breaks to go eat. Been even after quite a lot of being sat down and not being active, I come home exhausted. Just wondered if there was anyone else who has managed to go back to 12 hour shifts and how they are dealing with it, as I feel like eventually I’ll hit a breaking point.
  6. It’s very hard as I’m stuck in a position where if I can’t do 12 hours then I can’t do my job. If I was to move position then I would see a massive drop in wage which I can’t afford to lose. I try to take each shift as steady as I can so I don’t tire myself out but the job is fairly manual so sometimes that is very hard to do. The job is 2 days 2 nights and 4 off, so nights won’t be helping that, and I find that I have to spend all my days off not doing much in order to recover in time for my next set of shifts. I’ve been seeing an occupational therapist but she doesn’t seem to come up with any suggestions other then changing role.
  7. I was wondering whether anyone else has returned to 12 hour shift jobs post SAH. I have and I’m now just over 2 years since my accident, but I’m finding that my fatigue is getting worse then say it was a year ago. Does anyone else work 12 hour shifts and suffer with fatigue?
  8. Having had my OT appointment, I’m being referred to physio as well as back to the psychologist to help with my moods. Also been advised to go back to my GP for advice and been asked to do a fatigue diary for 2 weeks. Thankyou all for the advice, hopefully someone can find out why I’m struggling so much.
  9. I’ve been having the problem since middle of last year and was actually off sick with that and bad dizziness at the end of August. I spoke to the doctor at that point and he wasn’t exactly sure what could be causing it. I had blood tests done and found I was slightly low on vitamin D so I’ve been taking tablets for that though they have had no improvement to how I feel. I’ve got an appointment with an OT tomorrow to hopefully get some suggestions.
  10. I’m not sure if this is entirely normal and if others have experienced it but for the last 6 months at least my fatigue seems to be getting worse and worse particularly in my legs where they feel tired as soon as I get to work and they ache constantly throughout the day. I’m just a few days away from my 2nd SAH anniversary and I’m concerned thats not getting any better. I work 12 shifts and I worry that this is to blame for it. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
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