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  1. Joe2384

    Fatigue in my legs

    Having had my OT appointment, I’m being referred to physio as well as back to the psychologist to help with my moods. Also been advised to go back to my GP for advice and been asked to do a fatigue diary for 2 weeks. Thankyou all for the advice, hopefully someone can find out why I’m struggling so much.
  2. Joe2384

    Fatigue in my legs

    I’ve been having the problem since middle of last year and was actually off sick with that and bad dizziness at the end of August. I spoke to the doctor at that point and he wasn’t exactly sure what could be causing it. I had blood tests done and found I was slightly low on vitamin D so I’ve been taking tablets for that though they have had no improvement to how I feel. I’ve got an appointment with an OT tomorrow to hopefully get some suggestions.
  3. I’m not sure if this is entirely normal and if others have experienced it but for the last 6 months at least my fatigue seems to be getting worse and worse particularly in my legs where they feel tired as soon as I get to work and they ache constantly throughout the day. I’m just a few days away from my 2nd SAH anniversary and I’m concerned thats not getting any better. I work 12 shifts and I worry that this is to blame for it. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. Joe2384

    Taste bud problems?

    Thats so strange, wonder if it is down to the way costa make theres as in like using a filter etc. Have you tried buying the costa coffee to use at home, or tried different type of coffee?
  5. Joe2384

    Taste bud problems?

    That is encouraging that you managed to overcome it after a lot longer, gives me some hope which is not something I’ve felt for a long time regarding my taste buds. As much as it has made me eat healthier, I still miss going to the football and having a KFC
  6. Joe2384

    Taste bud problems?

    I have seen a few GP’s and neuro specialists but no one was able to spread any light on the time frame though most said it should come back. I have pretty much given up on it though after all the time I’ve been waiting
  7. Like many of you I have suffered pretty bad taste bud alterations post SAH and wondered what differences you noticed and if they have gone back to normal, how long did it take? Me personally, I find most fast food such as KFC, McDonald’s, fish and chips, absolutely disgusting and also can’t eat a carvery or a cooked chicken either. I have to add spices to a lot of meals to allow them to be enjoyable for me and often find it difficult to go out to eat with others without finding something I will be able to eat from the online menus. I have tried KFC and other foods I can’t eat on occasion every few months to see if there has been any change but 19 months down the line there is no change. I’m intrigued to know if this is still early on and whether there is any chance of it going back to normal. Your experiences would be appreciated.
  8. Joe2384

    Personality changes?

    I can relate with having personality changes as I regularly fell out with my family, particularly the first few months afterwards. Since then I've moved out and things are a lot calmer though I too have a mouth on me when I feel the need and quite often find myself having no filter and slagging people off even when I dont want to or mean to. I agree with previous comments recommending you go back to you GP. Hope you can find the support to amend you personality changes.
  9. Kay- The weird thing about my holiday is that I actually had a week after I got back to recover and stayed fairly calm and rested fully after 2 busy weeks in Florida but the day I set foot back at work I was dizzy by dinner time. Maybe it was the fact I went from busy to relaxed and back to busy again but what I do find is that when I get dizzy its for several days in a row usually and not just the one off occasion. Swishy- I think I should try and get a copy of my records as Im sure there will be things I'm still not aware of. I do feel inspired reading other peoples comments on here. It is great that there is a community for a group so specific and I wish I had found it last year when my depression was at its worst. Winb143- Thankyou, I think one of the hardest things for me is doing things slow as I have always been and organised and energetic person when it comes to everyday jobs and activities. It is very hard for people to understand how much harder it is to be your old self post SAH without them physically feeling what we are feeling during them struggles
  10. Thanks for all the replies, Subzero- I returned to work initially after 2 months on light duties and short hours for 6 weeks which eventually ended up me not being able to walk in a straight line. The truth of the matter is that I didn't know it was a brain haemorrhage until about 5 months after the accident due to me being out of it when at the hospital and my parents were not aware either so I was not aware of all the damage I was causing myself by going back to work so soon. I didn't even know it was a SAH until 2 months ago. I was then off for a further six weeks where I found it very tough being at home by myself for so long that I was tearing my hair out. After those six weeks I returned to work doing 2 hours a day and slowly increasing them until I felt good again. I eventually returned full time in the October having thought that i was back to normal. I have been asked by others about Occupational health but I can't recall if that was ever offered to me. I have been very open with my colleagues since returning to work and most have been very understanding, even if they don't quite understand what i've been through. It is becoming harder though I feel for them to understand when I am now getting regular dizzy spells on and off, especially when i had to have a weeks sick after a holiday cos the dizziness was so severe, I got some people saying I was on sick with "jetlag". The hardest thing at work is that I have always been a perfectionist and as I am more often than before making stupid mistakes it is so much more frustrating even when trying to avoid it at all cost. The support from my family and friends has been great and they have always been there to listen to me, though sometimes it is hard to explain the ins and outs of my suffering when I look "fine". Skippy- The taste buds problem is one that I have had to adapted to massively and has also caused problems especially since my partner doesn't like spice which means adding it to meals after cooking and not much during. Winb143- Hearing that you got told you would never walk again makes me feel like mine could have been so much worse, and I glad that you are proving the doctors wrong. That is very inspiring.
  11. Hi, let me start by saying how happy I am to find a place to let out all my frustrations that no one around me understands regarding post SAH. My name is Joe, I’m 24 and I suffered a Sub-Arachnoid Haemorrhage and a fractured skull as a result of an accident in January 17. I was off work on two occasions for a total of 3 1/2 months but didn’t go back to full duties until 9 months after my accident For 19 months now I have had various symptoms that are causing me problems on a daily basis that make it very difficult to do my job and day to day activities and as much as I’m not out to get sympathy I do feel that people in my life don’t always understand what it is I’m going through. Some of them problems I’ve occurred are: Dizzy spells, often in big clumps over a week at a time and then they just go. Doctors are useless and just give me tablets that don’t work. They also gave me some exercises to try but not seen anything improve Headaches, these are on and off and some are worse than others. Memory problems, I often forget things or jobs that I never used to before my accident. I’ve seen a neuro psychologist and they have helped but still have some issues. Fatigue, this is ongoing, and went away at some point but returned after I came back from Florida in May and is with me all the time since. Often comes on after just an hour of chores or being at work as my job is fairly active. Taste buds and Smell, this is a massive problem and stops me eating things like fast foods and carverys. I have found I have to add spice to be able to consume a lot of food and doctors always told me it should be temporary but 19 months down and I’ve given up on it not being permanent. Depression, I suffered a massive time of depression last year and was having massive mood swings and falling out with people. I managed to overcome that when I got my driving license back but then fee like I’m slipping back into it having suffered with ongoing dizziness and fatigue problems and not knowing what to do to help it. I have asked about having another brain scan before but the GP’s have always said it won’t show anything. Has anyone got any tips to get round the frustration of arrogant GP’s or any of the other problems that I have been suffering. I am concerned that I may not be able to do my job in the future due to my on and off dizzy spells which can make my job dangerous for me and that around me. Look forward to any advice