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  1. Hi thank you so much for your replies. Delta it’s good to know that you are feeling much more your old self , I’m still in process of trying to get him back to GP., A year ago he had a really awful turn and collapsed with head pain , he was taken in hospital and had a ct scan which was considered ok. Stayed in over night with consultants scratching their heads! No one could tell us what was wrong although they knew his history , I’ve talked to his doctor (GP) and he said that without my husband coming in to see him voluntarily , his hands were tied. So therefore couldn’
  2. Thankyou all for your comments , I am going to try and get some help from gp as suggested , so nice to speak to people that understand .
  3. Hi I’m new here , my husband had sah 17 years ago. He was walking round with it for a week in terrible pain and 3 doctors told him he pulled his neck. Anyway eventually another doctor took him seriously and he was rushed in hospital. We were told he was very lucky to have lived. After all this time I have so many questions , every couple of weeks he gets these terrible headaches and feelings of been drunk (doesn’t drink), he can’t tolerate lights and sits spaced out until eventually it passes. No one has been able to tell us what these episodes are. To me he’s not the same person
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