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  1. Hi all. My name is Samantha, im 35yrs old and currently recovering from a SAH. I've joined this group because I feel lost, my mum is here taking care of me but I feel it's hard to explain my fears to her. My father had a massive brain bleed 10yrs ago it killed him instantly, i never thought it would happen to me. It just happened out of the blue when i stood up of my bed, i knew instantly it was a bleed like my father, my left leg was dragging, i started sweating profusely. I got downstairs on the sofa and shouted my 13yr old, i passed out he phoned an ambulance and saved my life. I've had cooling i think 10 coils. I've been home 13 weeks now and started to develop headaches, i went straight to Salford royal hospital for an mri and they have found another anurysm that needs to be coiled too. My next brain surgery is in about 5 weeks. This has affected my son really bad, he feels he just saved my life now it's happening again. I feel lost and lonely and i feel nobody understands, I'm tired, depressed and anxious constantly, I'm so afraid this one will rupture before my surgery. This past 13 weeks have been so stirring physically and mentally, i feel like my parenting skills have gone downhill because I struggle to even make my son a meal without being tired, so we live off takeaways for now. I have just come on here to find maybe a bit of support from people who have been through this. I feel very down and out. Sorry to go on and on, thanks for listening.
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