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  1. Hi Johntaras I had a SAH four years ago on November 17th. It has taken me most of the four years to accept what happened and to come to terms with it. I am 61 years old I still work 3 days a week and still enjoy my job( I work with autistic youngsters) Happy anniversary Paul
  2. Daffodil Thank you,it has taken four years to come to terms with my SAH but there are still times when I ask why it was me? My previous strength was a real sense of humour, I always had to say the last word. I could make people laugh and cheer them up. I now take an age to reply to humorous comments and there are times I will say something ridiculous. What keeps me going is my Wife and two children who still love despite what I sometimes say to them. They said goodbye to me in hospital but I wouldn't give in. Now I just want to talk.
  3. Hi Mark Welcome to the BTG . I only joined on Sunday and I am reading what people are saying. People really make you feel welcome and it amazes me how many have been through what I suffered and have come out the other side.I wish I could have joined years earlier. Paul
  4. Thankyou for all making me so welcome. I will go to the Green Room in a while. Paul
  5. Bill It must be something to do with the job! It really cheered me up seeing your comment. I wish I had joined 4 years ago,it is easy to talk to a person who went through the same experience. Thanks Paul
  6. On the 11/11/2014 at 9.15 a.m. my changed life began. I was teaching my BTEc group at sixth form centre when something went horribly wrong with my head. I only know what followed by speaking to family and friends. Staff colleagues who were trained knew something was wrong. They rang for an ambulance, when it arrived they radioed an air ambulance. I went to the Trauma Department at Queens Medical Centre at Nottingham. I had surgery and my family were told I wouldn't last through the night. I caught pneumonia and infection and was in a coma. Everyone tried different things to get me to recover favourite songs, poems and pictures of Heather(wife), Emily(daughter) and Joe(son). Four weeks passed and my Derby County songs brought me back.This was a bit embarrassing in Nottingham. Three months later and I visited work in a wheelchair to thank the students for raising money for the air ambulance service. Five months later back a day a week at work. I have had OT SLT and counselling and 4 years later I am starting to talk about it. Paul
  7. Four years this November. 11/11/2014 I was teaching my BTEc group and four weeks later woke up in Intensive Care at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. Paul
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