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  1. Shona


    Thank you so much for replying to my post . I know I’m trying to be better too soon so I’ll have to listen to my head in future and slow down . Had a walk today which I was pleased I managed but my head said differently , very woozy and now back in bed to rest . I’ve come to understand I am a different person and the “beast” rules for now . Not for ever but for a wee while . All my best wishes and thank you Shona ????????
  2. Shona


    Thank you very much for replying . I know it will be a long time before I am back to some kind of normality . I’m lucky my Aneurysm didn’t burst but the way I feel right now makes me wonder if I have done the right thing . I know that’s stupid but when you feel so bad I think it’s only natural . As they say , “time is a great healer”. Shona
  3. Shona


    I have 28mm unruptered Aneurysm which has 17 coils in place , a stent and another aretery occluded in June this year . In September I didn’t feel well and blood was still entering the aneurysm and after many consultations over the world it was decided another stent should be placed . Since this procedure I have had to learn to walk again , constantly dizzy ,broken my arm because of one too many falls . The right side of my face is still numb and eye doesn’t close tightly . I know it’s early days for me but I would like it if there is anyone in the group who has gone through the same to tell me if I should be worried or not , many thanks
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