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  1. I've had so many weird feelings in my head over the past year and a half, it's comical, but it's not. Of course the anxiety level goes up every time but the feelings eventually subside... Until the next time. I guess that is reality for almost all of us now.
  2. An update on my nerve block... I had the nerve block injections on October 4th. It was a series of 10 injections in my trapezius muscle, neck and scalp, where the occipital nerve is located. The injections hurt like hell for a few seconds but once the lidocaine/steroid numbed the nerve, it was instant relief from all of the weird feeling in my head. So far, 24 days in, the injections have allowed me to pretty much get back to normal. The injections last for about 12 weeks. If the nerve hasn't fully repaired itself and the weird feelings come back then they will do it again... So fa
  3. Tomorrow is one year from my life changing PMSAH. I'm doing well, according to my doctors and friends and overall I'm pretty good. On the outside I am very well. In my brain it's a day to day roller coaster ride. Sometimes I'm 100%, sometimes the left side of my head goes numb, my ears ring, I get light headed, I feel like my mind is out of my body, my neck and trap get tight, and, of course, the anxiety causes me to wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding through my chest. Oh yeah, and exercise other than walking, knocks me out for a few days. My doc thinks that
  4. Has anyone else experienced sudden bouts of vertigo? I woke up this morning with a mild case. I'm fine as long as I'm not looking up or down. Not good. I haven't had any issues with this until today. I've been doing pretty well since my event 2 months ago.
  5. I suffered a PSAH 6 weeks ago. When I left the hospital I felt really well. Over the last few days I've had recurring headaches, my head feels full and heavy, my jaw gets tight and I have had some minor neck spasms. I can function fairly well but I'm concerned. Has anyone else had similar symptoms? I'm new to the site and obviously new to this entire event. Thanks for your help.
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