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  1. Good luck with your appointment. I lost top half of visual field from my right eye, the side where the clipping is. They are not sure if it is caused by the SAH, but it is quite a coincidence if it is not. My symptoms are eye pain and difficulty in adjusting focus and dimmer and blurry vision from my right eye. Ophthalmologist saw a bit of nerve damage. Now they are just keeping an eye on it to see if it improves. I haven’t had my second appointment yet, so not sure if it is getting better. If it is optic nerve neuritis, it might just get better with time. Good luck! Hope you have your appointment soon. You can get a visual field test from optometrist as well.
  2. Hi Perry, I had a craniotomy November last year and the first follow up was in Dec (no scan, just a chat). A CT scan and follow up was then done in March to make sure everything is healing well. I was told:” you are cured and see you in ten years.” .... any way, so timeline is pretty similar to yours. Try not to worry, I know is hard when they tell you so little. After the surgery they did scan me to make sure the clip is in right and bleeding has stopped. I think after that initial scan they have a good idea about how the surgery went. Did you have that while you are in the hospital? I’d like to think they won’t have discharged you if they saw something amiss. Good luck and sending healing vibes, Y.
  3. Colleen, thanks for your reply. I occasionally think about what the operation actually entails, pretty amazing things actually heals and gets better. I have learned so many new things about my poor head, like you can be numb and itchy at the same time. Who knew that was possible?!
  4. Thanks for the great tips. Good to know it does get better eventually. I just thought 9 months is an awful long time. Not in the world of sah and brain surgery, I am slowly learning. Kind of funny, my neurosurgeon actually got a bit mad at me a week after for not realising how big deal this is. I was attempting humor and he was very Dutch. But later I was able to joke with him a bit in follow ups.
  5. Mmm warm salt water sounds nice. Yeah I can wash my hair, I am going to try tar shampoo to see it helps with itching. Stupid little thing but so annoying. I can’t really brush my hair properly yet. Good thing I used to have pretty messy hair anyway.
  6. Thanks for Subs for those links. You are much better than me at searching. Didn’t notice those comments about years/ months post-op. I just thought nine months is quite a long time, not now. When my head started clicking, that thread you posted definitely helped, knowing that others had the same experience. Y
  7. Hi, I have been reading this forum since my SAH last November. I had clipping surgery. Thank you all for the information and sights. The forum has been invaluable to me. I am back to work full time and doing well. I still have issues with my right eye (hurts, puffy and myopia much worse), headaches, fatigue and woshy moments but as far as we can tell no long-term damage. None of these are debilitating. I have ave a weird question though, couldn’t find any previous posts. Nine months out my scalp is still very tender and itchy. Is this within expectation? Seems like a long time for it to still be healing. Again, just annoying, not a big deal. I haven’t had major surgery before, so don’t know. sorry for such a trivial question. Una
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