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  1. Does any one have eye twitching on and off after NASAH? I am 9 months post bleed and have been having this random eye twitching only on the right side for almost 3 weeks now. No other new symptoms other than this (of course the routine fatigue, occasional headaches and neck pains are there always) Is this normal/ expected? Should I see a doctor?
  2. Thank you all once again. Ben, I am really not sure why he said that, may he was worried about a rebleed and I asked this question of when I could run again on the 3rd day after I had my SAH. May be my question was too soon. But when he said that, I did break down. Till that time, I handled my diagnosis so bravely (in fact I made my diagnosis at home and went to the hospital very soon after the onset of headache - I am a doctor) After the DSA, I met another neurologist who gave me a clearance. Good to know you are back cycling. Keep it up.
  3. Thank you all 😊 Yes, I had tears in my eyes and it was a very emotional moment, the finish line. The first neurologist who managed me 7 months ago said I could never run in my life again, at the most, may be a 5 K, definitely not more than that. Thanks again for all the kind words.
  4. I am so soo glad to share with all of you, I just finished a half marathon. I am 7 months post NASAH. Feeling very emotional right now. Thank you all for the extensive support. You guys are the first ones I am sharing this with. Thanks again.
  5. Hi all Thanks a lot for all the kind words. Sorry for the delay in reply. After the meeting and another small get together (in which I could not stay because of the loud sound), I was totally knocked off and needed a long time to recover. However I am glad to share my meeting went on well. Boss was very very understanding and accommodating. He is ok with my current schedule and infact offered more liberty in timings. Colleagues still had some concerns but they also seem to be settling down now. Feeling better for the last three days now. Hope the good days last a little longer. Thanks again for the support in difficult times. There was no way I could have shared all these things with anyone else other than this forum.
  6. I am 4 and a half months post PMSAH. I am back to work with slightly reduced hours. I am doing 24 hour shifts (about 3 to 4 per month) also but with breaks in between. Now we have some staff shortage and my colleagues expect me to share the work load which means about six 24 hour shifts per month. I am needing at least 48 to 72 hours after the duty for recovering and I am in no stage to handle so many. I have a meeting with the boss in two days (which may be pleasant or unpleasant if I insist that I cannot do more, though I have to say he has been extremely supportive so far). My colleagues have been very cooperative initially, now that it is 4 and a half months, they expect me to be back to normal. They don't seem to understand my battles. They say I don't look so unwell. It takes a lot of energy just to be up and about. I am completely alright on the outside, in fact have gained some weight also. My activity is good in the morning when I am at work. Most of the evenings I am just having to rest, rest and rest. We have been a friendly bunch earlier, now this seems to be affecting my work relations. Just frustrated, tearful and feel low. Worried about the upcoming meeting also. Sorry for venting. I just needed someone to talk to. I know BTG will listen.
  7. Thank you Crazy. I will definitely let you guys know when I have my big moment. Could not have survived without this site.
  8. Wow, Congratulations Crazy, on completion of a marathon. These wins will certainly be sweetest. May I ask you when your PMSAH was? I had mine in Jan 2019 and I have registered for a half marathon in August. I am able to run walk upto 10 K now (though my husband doesn't allow me to run alone anymore and my pace is no where near what it was earlier). I was actually looking for some inspiration and found your message. Thanks for that. I keep visualising my finish line. Hope I will be able to cross the line.
  9. Thank you so much Daffodil and Clare. So glad to have found this site within a month of my SAH. You guys are extremely supportive and understand exactly what we go through. Will post my story soon. Thanks again. Going through the posts that you suggested.
  10. Thank you Clare. Feels good to know I am not alone.
  11. Hi all How many in this group are medical professionals? My question is Are there any particular problems faced by doctors with SAH when returning back to work? I am a neonatologist, a baby doctor. I don't seem to remember faces of patients who I met for the first time, in the time period of about 4 to 5 months prior to SAH. My memory was excellent earlier.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion Tina. I will visit an orthopedic.
  13. Thank you for the response. No, MRI wasn't done. Three different neurologists were sure it was periarthritis and had nothing to do with SAH. Physio said even if it were something else the only treatment would be physiotherapy. Just wondered if anyone else was in similar situation.
  14. Hi all I am new to this site. I had a perimesencephalic SAH on 15th Jan 2019, when I was out cycling with hubby and son. I am 40 yr old. I was not conscious for about a day. On day 2 of hospitalisation I developed severe pains in both the shoulders which persisted for a couple of days and needed IV pain relief. Over a period of 10 to 15 days, I gradually developed weakness of some movements of left shoulder- I can't lift anything with the hand (even now). The neuro team said it was periarthritis of shoulder and suggested physio. The physio did 5 sessions of ultrasound therapy and the pain went off completely. But now my muscles are wasted around the shoulder and still weakness persists. I have recovered well otherwise. Started working again. Fatigue of course, looks like it is universal for all the survivors. Did anyone else experience shoulder periarthritis post SAH? Periarthritis usually happens if a person is bedridden for a long time, but I have been bedridden only for a day. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi all I am new to this forum, have been reading for the last four weeks but this is my first post. May be I will write a detailed account as soon as I am ready. I had my PM NASAH on 15th Jan. Had hydrocephalus but didn't need any surgery. Went home in 4 days (My husband and myself are medical professionals and so the doctors were confident that we could manage at home). This thread describes so well what I am going through. My employers have been very considerate and have left the choice to me on when I can return. I am currently working part time (about 5 hours a day with a break of an hour in between) but still have fatigue issues on some days. I also have some left upper limb weakness due to shoulder periarthritis. BTG has been a blessing in the last 4 weeks. I really appreciate the founder and all the members who share their experiences and give advice.
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