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  1. Hi Carolyn I'm sorry to hear that you too have been unwell, but congratulations on your recovery so far! I hope you are beginning to feel less anxious, but as everyone has said, it’s just our brain trying to get to grips with it all again after everything that’s happened. I got my licence back from DVLA after 10 weeks, so when I did get back behind the wheel it felt very odd. I still only do small trips and I can’t stand bright headlights when driving at night. If you can, to take baby steps little and often rather than “Boom & Bust”! I learnt thi
  2. Thank you both for all of your kind words and comments! It’s great to hear your advise, and I will definitely take a look at the threads you recommend and show them to family. I have been drinking as much as I can, usually trying to hit a 2ltr a day target. I have also notified DVLA who have contacted the hospital and received info from them, I’m just waiting for them to make their final decision... but who knows how long that will be! With regard to my SAH itself, the reason for the stent was because I had a deformed artery with four anyerisms off of it, and one had
  3. Hello everyone I suffered from an SAH and I am 28, and at the time of writing this I am 7 weeks post SAH. It is great to read all of your comments and stories. Following my SAH I had a stent fitted in the offending artery in my brain, and I wonder how others have had their SAH fixed on this forum? Has anyone else had this done, and how was your recovery? Seven weeks on from my operation I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting and still not allowed to drive. Physically, I was very lucky following the SAH, but I do suffer with bad head aches. I suppose my
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