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  1. Thank you so much for your positive response Win, actually did make me smile 😊 xxx Thank you Jean, Just when you think you are 100% there a ‘blip’ as Daffodil puts it happens. I can’t tell you how differently I view my blip now having had the support I’ve had in just a few days from this site. I feel very blessed. I wish you well too Jean. Thanks again. Xx
  2. Hi Daffodil, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, like Michelle and Tina, you are so very kind. Your information and experience is invaluable to me, I appreciate it and it helps to make me see things more clearly and in perspective. You are 7 years post bleed and surgery ❤️ You sound like me in terms of patience... I will not be beaten by this, but clearly I have very little control if I over push myself. The letter from my brain really impacted on me and finally now I get it!! I wish I’d found this forum many months ago. Thank you! Nikki xx
  3. Oh my goodness Michelle, I have just read that amazing , A letter from your brain... Thank you Tina for sharing !! I’m completely overwhelmed by it. It is inspiring and just beautiful. Thank you also for your support. I think more and more over the past couple of days that I have just taken for granted that I was 100% better! It has and is a shock to be where I am. You have given me a degree of clarity and I’m so grateful. Thank you Michelle and Tina so much for your response and support and kindness. I hope I can do the same in the future to whomever needs it. Nikki xx
  4. Thank you Tina, I appreciate your response. X
  5. Hi, I’m new to this forum and not sure if I’m using it correctly? I just wondered if anyone has experienced what I have? 13 months ago I spent 10 days in hospital with a subarachnoid haemorrhage (non surgical). I was given a transfusion of potassium as my levels were dangerously low. I thought I was making good progress and my energy levels over the past two months were good along with stamina. I really did push myself over the past two weeks as we had friends over for the weekend. On the Monday morning I dropped my daughter at school and experienced overwhelming sickness and dizziness so I pulled over - I was found at the side of the road - ambulance took me to hospital. My symptoms were sickness, dizziness, very high blood pressure. I was given intravenously phosphate over a six hour period. My glucose levels were 6.9! I was discharged three days later after a LP was clear and CT scan showed no change to original mass where I had my bleed. I’m about to have my bloods done again and they have requested diabetes check too. My question is - can potassium and phosphate be connected to brain bleed or contribute to brain bleed? Or can diabetes be related to brain bleed and low potassium and phosphate? Or do you think I’ve just over done it and I’m exhausted - I feel like I’ve taken a massive step backwards. Any ideas or support would be helpful. I am waiting to see the neurologist and also on bloods. Thank you, Nikki
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