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  1. I found this thread to be very comforting. It is 2 months since my bleed and I am still adjusting to life as a recovering person. I’ve always been full of energy and purpose- often with plans to accomplish numerous tasks or fun during the day. I’ve always felt the need to “live life to its fullest!” Now, suffering from dizziness and fatigue, I plan only one or two things (if any). I feel so guilty if my son comes home from school and I’m in bed (which I call “my nest”) resting. I am very fortunate that I am able to reduce my working hours to just one day a week. I love
  2. CAW, do you find that you startle easily? If someone drops something or there is a loud noise near me, my startle reflex is over the top. My teenage children will say, "Mom! It's just a noise!" My heart pounds and I feel that surge of adrelenine as if it were something terrible- not just someone dropping a spoon on their plate!
  3. I can really relate to this topic. It has been 2 months since my brain bleed, and I am struggling with fatigue. I've gone back to work one day a week, and I am struggling. After working 8 hours yesterday, I came home exhausted! I paid for it today, when I had little or no energy. I wish I could have my energy back! My family wants me to quit my part-time job (which I love!). I'm afraid I might have to. I used to be a super-busy, productive person. I feel like I've lost my identity.
  4. JanetY

    Janet's Story

    Hello All! My story began 2 months ago, when I woke one morning feeling very dizzy. I interupted my busy schedule to visit the doctor and was given medication for vertigo. A few days later (still feeling dizzy) I helped my sister move my 93 year old mother into an Assisted Living Facility nearby. Yes, I was literally moving heavy furniture! I was extremely stressed over this move for my mother and agonized over whether this was best for her since she had experienced 3 years of depression due to the isolation of living alone (it was!). Two days later, when I awoke, the dizziness an
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