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  1. Hi Louise I am already liking this site there are so many people commenting that relates to my experience I feel better after reading them therefore it makes me feel better. Thankyou have a lovely day 😍xxx
  2. Hi my name is Jayne in the year 2000 I had a bleed on my brain. I was at home when I went into the kitchen to make my hubby a brew that is the last thing I can remember. I said I had terrible pains in my head it also affected my vision. My husband rang an ambulance but it was taking to long so he got me in the car and rushed me up to Tameside general hospital. I was kept there for a couple of days on life support then a bed became free at Manchester Royal infirmary, I had a police escort. First of all I had the coil which failed so I had a clip fitted which was successful. I was in Manchester Royal Infirmary for nearly 8 weeks. After I had been home for 1 week I was rushed back to my local hospital with meningitis. Then 4 weeks later I had the highest blood pressure recorded but I am still here. Like I said this is just a brief note of my long journey. I still see my doctor regularly as my blood pressure just goes up or down when it feels like it. Anyway if you would like anymore information just let me know. Thankyou Jayne
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