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    Aged 47. Married with 2 grown up boys.
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    Milton Keynes
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    Card making and all craft work
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    Assistant mansger Dulux
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    30th April 2012

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  1. Thank you very much for all your kind words, it really means a lot to me. Love and good luck to everyone. Paula xxx
  2. Thank you very much and congratulations to you too, 13 years....wow! Take care xxx
  3. Well here I am seven years on and still feeling really positive. I have my routine check at John Radcliffe on 5th May now that fills me with dread as I hate going back to where my life was hanging in the balance but my sons tell me that I should see it as a positive as that’s where they saved my life. I'm doing really well, still have a few little niggles but nothing too bad, I’ve travelled such a long way and will continue to do so. To any new unfortunate people all I can say is hang on in there, your life will improve, even if you never get back to who you once was you will learn to accept the new person and be very grateful to your new life because I know I am! Good luck to everyone and may we all continue to move on in a positive manner. lots of love and luck to each and every one of you xxx
  4. Hi there. Thank you very much Michelle and everyone else who has replied. Your advice is greatly accepted. I wish you all good luck in your future. Thank you Paula
  5. Hi there I had an SAH (4.5) last may and had it coiled. Six months to the day I had another bleed and was told it was the same aneurysm so I had it re coiled. I recovered remarkably well, apart from a few leftover niggles. I went for a check up scan two months ago and the received a letter telling me that my aneurysms (I have 3 others} had remained stable so there was no need to operate. I wanted more answers so I made an appointment to see my consultant at Oxford J.R. . Yesterday I got to see him and he basically told me that he wanted to coil my 4.5 aneurysm but it was up to me, he explained the dangers and percentages. I feel lost as I cant decide what I want to do, I'm struggling living with the un treated aneurysms and wonder every day if this will be the day that it bursts. My consultant wont advise me either way but he did hint that having the op would be better, I get the feeling that my initial results where viewed by a group and some wanted to op and others didnt. Any advice would be greatly received. Paula
  6. Thank you so very much for all your kind replies, I thought it was just me being really selfish by having such negative thoughts but obviously not. I will suggest that my hubby joins this site, as you say, it may help him too. I am waiting for an appointment with Headway, but like everything it takes time, I'm also awaiting appointments for neuro therapy and physio. Thank you once again for the replies, a bad day has been made better by chatting on here. I wish you all the very best of luck with your recoveries. Paula x
  7. I had my SAH 13 wks ago. Although I have recovered really well and quickly I am still off work as I have a permanent numbness down the whole of my right side. No one seems to be able to tell me if this will improve or is this as good as it gets. The wait for any kind of help is taking forever. I feel in complete limbo as I cannot make any plans to return to work whilst I have this numbness (I would not be able to do my job) I know how lucky I have been but I also feel so depressed and I must admit that there have been times when I wish that I hadn't survived (silly I know). I had the coil treatment but I still have 2 small aneurysms that the docs think will be ok. I feel so low and because of this I am finding it very difficult to give up the dreaded smoking! Has anyone else been left with a similar problem with numbness, my left side is not brilliant either. I feel so alone and desperate although I am not alone, I have a fantastic husband but it all seems to be taking its toll on him now. I have decided to go and stay with my grown up son for a while, mainly to give my husband a break but I will miss him terribly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Paula
  8. Hi all.My name is Paula and I had my SAH coiled on 30th April 2012 This was the worst day of my life so far, not that I remember a lot about it,( I took poorly on the Sunday and didnt wake till Wednesday in Oxford hospital )but I know that my lovely boys and my wonderful husband do. I seem to be making a brilliant recovery but I feel so guilty for putting my family through all that pain and worry. I have been desperate to talk to someone who has been through the same and fortunately found this site by accident. My after problems are numbness on my right side, headaches and fear of it happening again. One of my main concerns is returning to work as I dont think that my company are very understanding about long term sickness. I think that they will pay me for about 6 wks then I will go on to half pay. I cannot afford to do this so I am worried about returning too soon. I dont really understand any of the sick pay rules! One of my "faults" is accepting how serious my ilness is and taking it easy .Fortunately my hubbby is always around to remind me. Any advice on sick pay would be greatly appreciated Paula
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