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  1. Hi there, sorry for not responding sooner!! My big news is I’m driving again!!!! The delay was slow due to no movement at dvla which will come as no surprise. Had to redo tests and get more letters from my doctors as dvla said my info was no longer up to date which I thought was a cheek as they had taken so long to respond. Sent more test results off (visual fields from spec savers in York - lovely lady did my test) and all quiet for another 10 weeks until my patience snapped and I rang to complain. I said it was unacceptable to to have all the information at your fingertips and not say yes or no. I had been waiting for months, lo and behold 48hrs later my licence dropped through my letterbox!! My visual fields had improved marginally from previous tests, I only missed 1 point in the central area on my last test. Do make sure you do the tests 4 or 5 times at a sitting as they do improve. No other health issues and I am almost back to normal. My short term memory is still not brilliant but I nearly feel like me again. It’s been a very long 26 months but to be mobile again is fantastic. It is easy to get disheartened but things can improve, just not always as quick as we would like!
  2. Hi Jonnie M Thanks for your comments. I’m sending off all the forms and test results this week. I had a consultant appointment so wanted to see if their was anything from that I could add. He assures me, if anything, my visual defect could improve slightly over the next 6 months. It certainly won’t get worse so I’m managing to keep a little bit of optimism. It will just be a visual field defect hoop I have to jump through so I may well be tapping you up for advice and techniques on how to do this successfully!! I’ll keep you posted, Thanks for your interest and concern.
  3. I had a bleed from a left occipital AVM. Although this caused awful headaches and confusion, as the swelling subsided, so did the symptoms. I had surgery over Christmas and New year 2017-2018 and have now been left with a right homonymous quadrantinopia. The only time I am aware of this is if my small dog approaches my right foot! I can read, sew, cook, play netball etc with no problems at all. The only thing I can’t do is drive as my licence was revoked due to brain surgery. This was an initial 6 month ban but I had an intra operative seizure (very common apparently if some is poking around in your brain!) which meant I was on anti convulsants post op. I stopped taking these in sept 2018 as I felt I didn’t need to be on them. There was a general lack of guidance as to when I could come of them so my GP and I made a plan to wean off. I notified dvla and provided them with my surgeons/drs details and they did contact them. So far so good. I now want to reapply for my licence as not driving is unbearable as well as inconvenient and stressful. After speaking to dvla twice in as many weeks, they maintain they only have info on my surgery not my visual field issue! I’ve paid for my own Esterman test and will send this with my reapplication. My concern is that I’m sending a application form, a sealed copy of my Esterman test from spec savers and a medical declaration form from the dvla website. All have different postcode destinations in Swansea so I’m not sure which one to choose. Does anyone think they’ll accept my forms as I’ve taken it upon myself to get tests and send them in or will I have to do them again at dvla request? I know I’m borderline with Estermann (missed 2 adjoining spots in one test and 3 in another) but it’s so frustrating when they don’t take into account you can move your head in ‘real life’ and see everything! I found this site and was cheered by positive stories from others who have managed to get their licences back and I’m hoping that I can be one of them.
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