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  1. So happy to have found this group. My pnsah occurred 5/31...2 days prior to leaving on a trip from USA to England and Crete to fulfill moms wish of spreading her ashes. Was at work, fine, ready to leave for vacation. Strange sensation back of head, neck, down my back. By the time I got to ER of course the “worst headache” and sick. Couldn’t believe it when they told me what it was....my first question being...can I fly on Sunday! Of course....Probably not, was the response! I have been an active 51 year old running, gym going, long hour, little sleep female....very similar to others. The conventional drs have little to offer. I’ve been searching for answers and taking things into my own hands for the physical aspect but also the emotional. Acupuncture, erst, kinesiology and a functional med dr. I now have a ton of anxiety...that I never recognized before...and it drives up my bp...which makes me more anxious. It’s a journey that I’ve just begun and appreciate the group, your knowledge and support!
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