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  1. Hi Everyone: Well, I just want to thank all of you for being so kind and supportive. I was off the site for a while, and checked back in to see all of your lovely messages. I have decided to embrace sobriety and have 30 days now of being alcohol free. I still get headaches, but they are not as bad as when I was still having wine. Thanks again, it means a lot to me!
  2. I'd like to start a topic on alcohol use after NASAH (mine was in September 2018). I find myself drinking too much due to depression/stress and would like the support of the group, and to know if others are struggling with this as well.
  3. Hi Swishy, Thanks for your reply. I had my bleed on 9/26/18, so almost 10 months ago. Like you, I don’t feel like I can deal with stress anymore, at least not at the level I was managing (or managing poorly) before the bleed, and my energy level is not the same and the headaches are daily. I didn’t have other deficits, so outwardly I think I look “normal” so family, friends and colleagues think I’m the same as before the bleed. I have 3 kids who are dependent on me (I’m remarried and my husband cannot support all of us) and live in the costly SF Bay Area. I need to keep building retirement funds, so leaving my work isn’t an option for me. I tell myself to do what I can each day and try to make eating a nutrient-rich diet and sleep a priority. It sounds like you were able to dial back from a stressful job and that’s great. I hope you continue to avoid stress! Thanks for your support. Best, Diane
  4. Hi there, I am also so glad to have found this forum! I am a 55-year old fit female with no health conditions and great blood pressure, and had a NASAH on 9/26/19. I was driving over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco (literally going through the toll booth) when I had the thunderclap headache and terrible stiffness in my neck and some numbness in my hands. I managed to call emergency services and an ambulance met me on the other side of the bridge and took me to the ER, where they put me on the CT and told me I was bleeding in my brain. As others, my CT scan, MRI and angiogram showed no aneurysm--I was in the hospital for 8 days on the Nimodopine regimen and an angiogram at 8 day mark was clear and I was sent home with 2 weeks off work, which was not enough time (I suspect I would have been put off longer if I lived in the EU). I am a public agency attorney and my work load is quite heavy, so going back into the stress of that environment so quickly with 10 hour days was difficult. In addition, I have a lot of stress at home as I have a son on the autism spectrum with mental health issues, and a daughter with a mood disorder. Since the NASAH, if I try to drink any alcohol socially I feel awful and the headaches intensify. I feel like I need 10 hours of sleep a night to feel good. I feel lucky to be alive and have the same anxiety expressed by others here that I will have a re-bleed, although I was also told that the chance of that is slim to none. Not knowing the source of the bleed or why it happened is difficult for me, as I feel like there must be an answer. I do wonder if inflammation in the body and brain can be a factor in causing vessels to leak. The neurologists at the hospital said stress was not a factor, but the nurses said otherwise--the hospital where I stayed is in Silicon Valley and the nurses said they were seeing an uptick in NASAH in younger people who had large amounts of stress. Anyway, so glad to have found this forum and to be able to connect with others who have had a NASAH.
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