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  1. Hello Daffodil, thank you so much for this reply, it’s so very similar to my situation and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you. Exactly this, my symptoms have come on later, And although my brain surgeon has written they are very different to my original migraines, he wasn’t willing to make a diagnosis, he is referring me to the neurologist so perhaps a different type of migraine? My GP advised they can change in pattern. And what has triggered it? Certainly stress and tiredness doesn’t help but these headaches are coming on at any time, even on good days I always
  2. Hello Skippy, I’m so very sorry for such a late reply, it’s very rude of me I just didn’t get around to logging back in for such a long time. I am really relieved to hear this, Although I’m still waiting to see a neurologist, there is more discussion around tract nerves, the big nerves, the branch nerves. So the Thinking is that it’s one of the facial nerves that’s going into the teeth and sinuses that may have been damaged/ disturbed / trapped at the surgery site, which to be fair they did tell me may happen, and they also said it could be one of the optic nerves which may explai
  3. Thanks Weedrea, and Jess, that’s interesting that it was caused by something that wasn’t on your radar so to speak. I did wonder if my headaches have been caused by something that I’m not aware of but I guess time will tell. I spoke to my neurology team this afternoon, waiting to hear back from them. They are going to help me figure out a pain management plan. They feel that it’s simply part of what we’ve already established, that these headaches are part of the aftermath of having a subarachnoid haemorrhage, and for some reasons unknown my headaches are coming later in my recov
  4. Hi Jess, I agree, sometimes getting fresh air does help, I do work long hours in an emergency call centre so that doesn’t always help! And certainly weather does affect my asthma as well as my headaches and if it’s okay with you I’m going to steal your phrase brain zaps ☺️ - it’s exactly that. If I feel well enough later I will go for a walk, I do find that does help sometimes. My GP yesterday could clearly see how bad I was and has agreed to refer me back to neurology so that’s good. I’m going to make some phone calls myself today, get another eye test an
  5. Hi Macca, Yes, and to be honest the more I’ve chatted to people this week not just here but through my occupational health at work, my asthma team (unrelated but had a check up by coincidence) my welfare officer at work, I think this really needs to be looked at by my neurology team back at the hospital. Even if it’s just to rule out no problems in terms of subarachnoid haemorrhage, then we can look at othet things. As I say these things out loud this week I’m suddenly realising that things need investigating and whilst my GP, similar to myself, tends to downplay th
  6. Hi Michelle, Thank you for your reply, it’s very interesting a fellow 2014 survivor with some similar symptoms to myself. Similarly my GP in the past few years would not prescribe anything from migraine but truth be told, my migraines started in 2003 and I’ve been using Migraleve over the counter which is now very difficult to get hold of (supply issues) but it works wonders... doesn’t make me too drowsy and I’ve been able to continue working. These headaches I’ve had which have worsened and become more frequent are different to my regular migraines. I’ve
  7. Hi Super Mario, Indeed, is the first thing they checked, and my blood pressure is fine, and it’s been the same for the past 20 years so no issues there. No doubt they might keep checking it but touchwood that’s all okay. Never been a smoker, I do like the occasional drink but I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol so that’s not an issue either. Blood sugars are fine, cholesterol is fine, they have no idea I had the original haemorrhage just that it was probably always sitting there “ready to go.” There is a history of stroke on my mother’s side of the family, quite a considerab
  8. Thank you very much Winb. Yes it is becoming a concern, but even if it’s something bad at least if I can find out soon I can get it sorted out. Interesting that you get nosebleeds to, mine or sometimes in the morning. I need something little stronger than paracetamol. Thank you for your kind words, I’m off to the doctors later xxx
  9. Hello everybody, my name is Vicki and I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2014. Please forgive my posting style as I’ve never done this before, so I don’t really know what I’m doing! Also, apologies for only just joining because the truth is up until now I had a good recovery. I’m just wondering if any of you have had any recovery issues, in particular bad headaches, later in your recovery. I had the initial recovery slowness, the feeling of a drip of water running across my brain, I still have what I call ‘slump’ days, but in the last year I’ve had increasing headache
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