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  1. Hi super Mario, Sarah, Clare. Insurance quotes so far are around £100 which Is quite reasonable considering how soon it's been. This was the first company I called so may be able to get it cheaper. I had a NASAH, 2 CT scans and an Angiogram. They didn't find a cause/aneurysm but ill be liaising with my neurologist and GP to ensure thay are happy with my travel plans before going forward with further arrangements. Thanks for the advice everyone, regards Ben
  2. Hi Bri and Win My sense of taste changed after a week which was strange as food tasted normal initially. As a consequence I could barely manage to eat anything and things I previously savoured became disgusting. Fortunately this has improved considerably at the 7 week point. However, I still have to eat very slowly or risk feeling sick and a lot of food tastes overly salty and my sense of hunger and thirst is non existent. It comes and goes but I also have an unpleasant taste when not eating for much of the day and the range of taste is different on the right side of
  3. Hi Veronica Thanks for your message and advice. It's Good to hear your husband is back to pursuing his outdoor activities again.. Im in to my 7th week post bleed and managing some short bike rides, walks and swimming. I've lost quite a bit of weight and muscle mass as a result of some appetite changes and distorted taste so getting back to my previous level of fitness is going to take some time. We are going away in November to Lanzarote for the cycling trip. I'm hoping I will be able to manage ok and that the food issues have improved by then. I've yet to buy my tr
  4. Hi Ami Well done on the half marathon, that's absolutely cracking👍. It's really encouraging to hear people get back to normal sporting activities post NASAH. My main concern following my bleed was if and when I could get back to exercise. Previous to it occurring I was training for long distance bike races and was cycling most days. Its now 6 weeks post perimesencephalic SAH and was advised not to do anything strenuous for at least 2-3 weeks. I'm now cycling 3 days a week short distances and swimming/light gym work. If you don't mind me asking, why did your initia
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and advice, it's greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi All It's great to have found this site which has so much helpful information I had quite a few unanswered questions since leaving hospital which have been addressed by reading people's experiences. Thank you to all who have took the time to post them. I experienced a perimesencephalic subarachnoid heamorrhage 3 weeks ago whilst cycling to work, initial symptoms were a rapid on-set headache and neck pain that became worse as the day went on with vomiting. A CT scan within A&E detected a bleed the following day so i was subsequently admitted and had an angiogr
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