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  1. Hello I am new to this site I am a 62 year old female and find I am struggling following my stroke which happened on 16th March this year (5 months ago) My discharge letter reads: CT head revealed an acute left parietal intracerebral haemorrhage. MRI showed a large left inferior parietal lobule/occipital lobe early subacutehaemorrhage, with left subdural extension. I now have right visual homonymous hemianopia. Firstly despite asking my consultant and GP to explain exactly what this means, I am still struggling to fully understand what happened. Secondly I am really struggling with my vision loss. I do not feel able to go out on my own at all, I am more comfortable if I can hold onto someone's arm (on my right), my confidence has completely gone. I cant see any light at the end of the tunnel!!! Can anyone offer any advice or guidance on how I can best help myself? I have considered using a stick or even buying a white symbol cane, just to help build my confidence then maybe I will stop walking into things/people. I do struggle with everyday tasks, can only do 1 thing at a time now, cant cook a roast dinner and have had silly labels put on my hob to assist me to turn on correct gas ring. I am very slow and still have a great deal of fatigue. I also have problems with understanding at times, I have to read things a few times and I forget easily so I have learned the answer is lists, lists, lists, they are everywhere. Prior to my stroke I was extremely confident, outgoing and completely independent. I walked almost everywhere or travelled on public transport visiting family and friends all over the country. I do feel frustrated at times when people look at me and say "you look fine now" and then follow on with " so and so had a stroke, it was a really bad one, they have lost the use of left side (or whatever)" It makes me feel that because I don't present with visual signs of stroke that they don't understand how I have been affected. Sorry for long post Von
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