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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. I guess it must definitely be as a result of SAH that we can’t remember dreaming. It’s just very strange after always remembering dreams in great detail to just have a complete blank. Occasionally during the day I’ll see something for example a fire extinguisher (that happened a couple of days ago) and it seems significant but I have no idea why. Maybe an extinguisher featured in a dream that I can’t remember. I’ve no idea. Sally
  2. Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Sally 😊
  3. Since SAH I can’t remember any dreams. I used to remember my dreams in great detail before SAH but nothing now. Does anyone else have this? Sally
  4. It’s good to read the posts in this thread as I’ve been feeling cold and getting goose pimples all over even when it’s not cold. Hot water bottle, blanket and log fire all necessities now. It does feel strange: not like real cold if that makes sense?
  5. Dear Sarah Good luck with the angiogram. I hope it all goes well and doesn’t set off any auras. Sally
  6. You’re right we should all avoid Dr Google but the problem is once you’ve read it’s hard to forget it. I just hope I can get my follow up soon.
  7. Dear Sarah Thanks for your reply. My experience of the auras sounds very similar to yours. Started in hospital and has continued ever since (11 weeks since SAH) getting more frequent. They start as a small flickering blob in the distance which quickly gets bigger and bigger until it covers my vision. Both eyes involved: open or closed. Zig-zag silver/black ovoid which flickers. Lasts between 20 minutes and half an hour but no headache. It is reassuring to know that someone else has the same thing and that you are still OK. Unfortunately I’ve looked this up on Google and it says that aura without headache can be a precursor to a stroke. So this is preying on my mind. Like yours my GP didn’t have much to say about it. I’m still waiting for my follow up. So pleased to hear yours are finally reducing in frequency. Thanks again. Sally
  8. Thanks Super Mario. The admin team at my surgery have apparently been on the case for the last two weeks but to no avail ☹️ I’ll keep trying.
  9. I had SAH with coiling and EVD 11 weeks ago. How long before I should get a follow up appointment? My GP says I should have one as does my contact from the Stroke Association and someone at Headway. I still have back pain although it’s not as bad as it was. What’s worrying me more and more are the auras. They are getting more frequent around 3 times a week. My GP knows about them and says to ring for a follow up hospital appointment. I keep trying but all I get is an answerphone and I leave a message but no appointment materialises. At a bit of a loss to know what else to do. It’s like a brick wall. Does/did anyone else have frequent auras ?
  10. Dear V Mama Thanks for your reply: much appreciated. There is so much support on this site. Glad I’ve found it.
  11. Hello Matt I had my SAH with coils and EVD 9 weeks ago and I still have pain in the back and neck, which spreads to my chest and makes walking uncomfortable. I too use hot pads but be careful with them as I used them so much I ended up with blisters. I’ve been told to take it easy and to rest as often as my body tells me. The initial fatigue is unbelievable but it does slowly get better. It’s nowhere near as bad now for me as it was in the first month but I still try to have a nap in the middle of the day. Keep hydrated. It really does make a difference.
  12. Thanks Winb for your reply. Extremely well done for proving them wrong and walking again. Keep it up 😊. Had a a rough night last night with the pain and today is one of the backward step days. Haven’t been out for a walk today. Off to see GP tomorrow x
  13. Thanks Daffodil for your advice. The back pain really is awful and I shall be glad when it passes. I’ve been using stick on hot pads but ended up with blisters so I’m now using a hot water bottle. Thanks again x
  14. Thanks so much for your replies. It’s such a relief to know that others have experienced this and that eventually it goes away. I shall try to keep positive and look forward to it disappearing. Thanks again x
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