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  1. I had the AstraZeneca jab. Had shivers and temperature in the night and felt sick. Following day I was exhausted and felt lousy. Day after that I was fine. Second jab booked in for the end of May: not looking forward to another round of side effects. But everyone is different 😊
  2. Just had a phone call from the hospital: my coils are all functioning properly and everything is as they’d expect. Repeat scan in 12 months. I’m currently grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Such a relief. Mustn’t think about 12 months’ time just get on with life 🎉🎉 Sally xx
  3. Hello Shazza glad you have found us on BTG. Re the wine/alcohol I was told that I mustn’t drink any at all as it would affect my balance and dizziness much more than usual. I have found many 0% alcohol alternative wines, beers and spirits which are generally quite good. Need to try different ones to find one that suits you but I’ve found they are generally pretty good. Sally
  4. That’s fabulous news I’m so pleased for you. I’m still waiting for my scan results - it’s so nerve wracking waiting and watching for the post. Go ahead now and enjoy life (as far as covid will allow). Sally xx
  5. So pleased you had a positive result re the coils on your recent scan. That’s great news. Best wishes Sally
  6. Dear Karen Thanks for your kind message. It’s been a great support to me and helped me through. Thanks also to everyone who sent their good wishes. So much appreciated. Sally x
  7. Just come out of hospital. Unfortunately my scan was delayed by 40 minutes which didn’t help. Staff were so helpful and kind. She put the head cage thing on and I couldn’t handle it so she thought what she could do instead and used a different device which didn’t come over my face. My husband stayed with me the whole time. I was crushing his hand! Unfortunately the headphones weren’t working with sound as we found out afterwards that the cable wasn’t attached. The third scan was the longest and seemed to go on forever. When that stopped I had to press the buzzer as I had reached the end of my tolerance of the whole experience. But they’d finished anyway which was good. Still it’s all over now and I’m exhausted. Thanks everyone for all your kind support. I really appreciate it. Sally xx
  8. Thanks everyone I shall be leaving for the hospital in about 20 minutes. Really appreciate all your kind words xx
  9. Thanks Kathy and Jess I can feel the stress building as Wednesday gets nearer. I’m trying not to let it!
  10. I’ve only just seen that Macca has passed. Very sorry to hear that. So very generous of his family to think of BTG. He’ll be missed. 😒
  11. Thanks Weedrea. I’ll give it a try keeping my eyes shut. Fingers crossed 🤞
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