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  1. Thank you all for your replies. Each reassuring and comforting. Again I’m not sure what I am looking for after this post ? It was more an opportunity to vent and share my frustrations. I hope no one thinks I have trivialised having a SAH? That was not my intention, I am struggling to accept it for myself, but feel that posting this may be a step towards helping. Again thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you for all those who sent a reply Regards Matt
  2. This is my first proper post. I have read comments on this amazing site for a couple of months now. My Partner, Donna set me up and used it for help and advise to best support me once I was out of hospital. I suffered a cat one bleed on 7th September 2019 whilst out on a park run. I lost the feeling in my right leg and arm (from what I can recall). I was conscious throughout. After a scan I was found to have two aneurysm’s one of which had burst. It’s worth noting that I am one of three Brothers. My younger brother suffered a SAH 15 years ago. My older brother suffered a stroke th
  3. Thank you. Im so glad I found this forum. I set it up for my partner Matt so when he is ready he will be able to read through and possibly communicate with others who have gone through what he has. I didn’t realise It would also be such a help to me. has given me a better understanding of something I know nothing about and reading others comments has helped so much.
  4. My partner had his bleed on 7th Sept. he had his operation and had 2 aneurysms coiled on the 9th. He was then discharged from hospital on 18th. since being home he has suffered pains in his lower back,buttocks and legs but the paracetamol has not helped. More recently he has been using heat pads and a hot water bottle which has eased it a little but now he feels the headaches more. He can’t take Codeine as it makes him feel really ill, on top of this he now has a cold. He rarely sleeps for more than 3-4 hours in a day and onl
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