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    My story.

    Hello everyone. I'm new in this forum and 've actually been searching for a forum to share my story to try and understand SAH better and read other's experiences. To cut the long story short, my SAH attack happened earlier this year on January 6th during the evening. on account of the preceding days, I didn't have any alarming symptoms that at the time I knew of because something like this was so far off for me as I'm only 21 yrs. The only symptom I now recounter having after getting enlightened on this condition is blurriness of my left eye and slight fatigue which I brushed off because of my extensieve schedule. During the course of my treatment, the doctors kept on asking me if I have ever had any head injury or trauma because they couldn't find any aneuryms in my left frontal brain where the vein was leaking from. Shocking enough I haven't ever had a trauma before or recently fact being I don't engage in sports nor activities that would validate it, nor was I hit by someone on the head with a blunt object nor was it HBP nor was I a drug addict. In short, the doctors were puzzled as to what might have caused it. To add onto, that day of the attack I was very lively during most of the day and I never felt it coming even till when I did everything and went to bed. I have had several four MRI's done; 2 during the treatment as the doctors were trying to figure out the cause and 2 afterwards in different hospitals both in Kenya and Russia but still no explanation. I am grateful though as I recovered well and I'm back to my normal self and my sight is slowly coming back but it would be nice to read other's experiences like mine where SAH came out of nowhere with no signs whatsoever and to know how they went about it or recovered from it. Or if there's maybe something the doctors might have overlooked.
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