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  1. Hi all I have not been on this site before so bear with me....I had a SAH (not sure what a NASAH is (sorry!) last September 2018. I ran the London marathon in April 2018 and the Great north run in September- 3 days before the SAH. I was back running after about 10 weeks but slowly! My rupture also happened whilst on a recovery run after the GNR. I was cautious and my family were initially very worried but I gradually built my running back up to a half marathon distance after 8 months post SAH and now I am back to producing similar times. If it helps I kept my heart rate under 140 beats initially then 150 and now just watch when it gets to 160+ and then just stop and walk a bit until it comes back down. The running, for me, was hugely beneficial psychologically particularly when I couldn’t drive as I could regain some independence. I often slept / napped afterwards though soI didn’t over do it. I found the naps became less frequent, speed improved and confidence too for me and others! I would speak to your neurosurgeon about what he thinks - mine was quite supportive due to my history. I was also in runners world as I contacted someone else who had the same thing and they got back to ultras ! I think it’s individual but hope that helps x Tbh I found it more of a challenge to get back to work!!!
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