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  1. Hello all, I’ve been perusing this site for a few months now and I’ve found it more useful than anything else I’ve found online. A huge thanks to all of you! My wife had her NASAH almost a year ago now and unfortunately has had a headache ever since day 1. While they have definitely calmed down since the original event, there still has not been a moment of 100% relief from headaches. She was 28 years old when her event occurred and in overall good health. She had a flowering up angiogram about 5 months post bleed and everything was fine according to the doctor. I know that no two bleeds are alike, but I’m just tying to find any advice at all, if any of you see similarities in your own stories. She has tried many medications, I won’t list them all, but I feel like she’s tried most meds minus the harder opioids and alike in fear of developing a dependency. She has also tried acupuncture, with little true success, but if anything it is relaxing for her. I think these are common for a lot of people but we are open to any other suggestions that have helped others. I am constantly reminding her to drink fluids and rest as much as she can, but she is defiantly a woman on the go go go more than she probably should be. Anyways, one weird thing we have noticed a few times now is that a shower, particularly a hotter shower, will give her a sudden, horrible headache. The first time it happened of course it was scary for her and me both, but a good night‘s sleep seemed to help it subside. It has occurred after taking her nighttime meds and before with no differences that we can tell, so even her meds don’t touch it enough to see a difference. Has anyone else had this issue? I did read that showers can cause headaches, but this only started happening maybe around 7 months out from her bleed. Maybe it just one of those weird things? Do many people have headaches this far out from their bleed 24/7? Should we be worried? I hate asking these questions, as I’m sure they have been asked many times, but I just do not know where else to turn. Any information is greatly appreciated, and again, thank you all so very much.
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