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    Walking, meditation, swimming, complementary therapies all things healing to help me move forward. oh secret love motorbikes, but feel safer driving car..

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  1. Thank you everyone for replying to me, and for your support. I have been quite busy and tired recently so please excuse my delay in replying .. Thanks guys. Just celebrated my 11 year anni- versary was 8th December, feeling very blessed still to be here. xx
  2. Thank you so much , I have only done 2 and 1/2 years to date , I have loved every minute of it even the times I spent in tears thinking I was incapable. having one of those moments now but I know it will pass. one day at a time is my moto right now. what did you study? if you don't mind me asking. well done on being a survivor and a fighter, and wish you well with your recovery, as it is an ongoing struggle for us all. Staying positive, meditation, massage and reiki have all help me a great deal though, I still struggle daily with my memory and cognitive problems. Be well, Roberta
  3. My name is Roberta, I had a subrachnoid hemorrhage Dec. 2008, I felt as though someone hit me on the back of the neck with a baseball bat. I had hydrocephalus, fluid on the brain, which was rectified with daily lumber punctures, was in hospital for a month with severe headaches. A time in my life which was full of heartache with the loss of my beloved dad in March 2009, who I was caring for before my head exploded. It was a very dark time for me, as you all well know how hard it is. In August 2009 I had to have a recoiling done due to remnants, which went very well, done by a professor, J. Battacharrah, lovely surgeon with a great bedside manner explaining everything to me so I was able to understand. August 2016, I think I was told I had another Aneurysm, left cerebral at biofracation, which is tiny 2mm at last MRI. Since then I decided one day at a time, I have cognitive problems, memory problems, pain and so on but took myself to college studied complementary therapies, massage aromatherapy, reflexology, in the first 2 years. This year is complementary therapies for clinical practice for people with life limiting illnesses and in palliative care. I am reaching out to you to ask for help. I am doing my placement at Queen Elizabeth PDRU and was looking for anyone who was in the rehabilitation and/or received any of the above therapies whilst there. I would love to hear your story and maybe if I could use some of your content for a assignment I have to do. Thank you in advance.
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