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  1. On Nov. 8th my mom suffered a brain aneurysm rupture. Which lead to her having a hemorrhagic stroke, which then in turn led to a subarachnoid hemorrhage.She had surgery to clip the brain aneurysm but they found another one and an AVM in the CT scan. All of this was an entanglement on the top left side of her brain. They took care of the aneurysm’s and the removed the AVM. She had major brain surgery on the 9th for all of that, and is now recovering.She can’t move the right side of her body too strongly but she does. She opens her eyes and moves around but it’s like she’s not fully awake. The doctor told us he doesn’t know how far she will go from here and only time will tell. She might stay this way or get stronger and make a partial recovery.We’re working on getting her trach off next week if she can pass a certain amount of tests. All of this has been very overwhelming, and I can’t imagine how it is for my mom. I read all these stories of people who wake up and are coherent right after surgery and it makes me worried. Should I be worried? Can someone tell me a few stories to help my anxiety. Thank you.
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