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  1. Hi Jean- I just joined BTG- my surgery was 12/23 and I had a vasospasm during surgery and apparently multiple tiny strokes after. I'm located in Vermont and go to Dartmouth-Hitchcock in NH for treatment. I know how frustrating this all is....I've been researching left and right. I'm so sorry for the scare and the ICU stay; what a number that does on you! I'm a 40 year old mom of 4 with absolutely no risk factors and yet, it happened. The why is something that still swirls through my brain. How are you coping now? Best, Liz
  2. Hi- I had an 8 mm cerebral aneurysm in my left ICA that had a small leak and then was repaired on Monday. I had a stent and coiling performed. I had a vasospasm in my ICA during the procedure and had excellent packing (37%). I am incredibly grateful for how well it went but I don't feel like I was prepared for the recovery. The headache behind my left eye has been awful. The (mild) confusion and exhaustion was more than I bargained for and today I tried to sign my name and couldn't. I had a minor leak/bleed before the surgery so I don't know what's going on.
  3. Hi, I'm Liz and thrilled to have found BTG. My husband, who suffered a SAH 10 years ago, pointed me in this direction last night. I was diagnosed with a 8mm saccural aneurysm on my left ICA after suffering terrible headaches, vertigo episodes, blurry vision and challenges with driving. After passing out in the grocery store on 11/6/19, my PCP sent me to the ER, where they told me I was having an allergic reaction to the Indomectrin they had put me on for the terrible headaches. They ordered a CT with contrast and the aneurysm was an incidental finding. They assured me
  4. Oh Jenni. I'm so sorry the system failed you those first 5 days. How scary and frustrating for you and your partner. The amount of awareness needed- even in the medical community- is a real thing. Be kind and patient to yourself as you adjust to your new normal. Be gentle....wishing you and your family a happy holiday. Best, Liz
  5. Good Morning. I'm Liz, 40 yrs old and have an 8mm saccural aneurysm in my left internal carotid artery. After a couple months of weird symptoms, the neurosurgeon believes that I experienced a small leak or bleed. I'm scheduled to have it coiled and a stent placed on Dec 23 and the waiting game is something awful. I know the chances of anything happening in the next 12 days are very low.....but the doc has me restricted anyway and fear can certainly get the better of you at time. I'd love to hear how folks coped with the waiting game... All the best.
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