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  1. Thank you Win and Daf for your encouragement, i'm sorry I've not got back to you both sooner. My word I developed quite nasty low pressure symptoms following the shunt operation. I've spoken with the Neuro Surgeon, who said he wasn't surprised this happened as I've had high pressure for quite a while and will undoubtedly take time to get used to the artificial drainage. I'm still on Oxycodone long and short tec for the over drainage symptoms. I've noticed I'm able to be upright for a bit longer until I have to lay down flat to reset my system. I'm stuck at the moment du
  2. Thank you Daf for your words of wisdom. I'm gutted today, my consultant thinks the shunt's failed. Everyone sounding like daleks, sensitivity heightened with burning sensations in my head, neck and arms. I can go home and give it a couple of weeks, to see if there's any improvement. If not, I'll have to have the VP shunt. I'm taking it steady giving myself time before I move, thanks Daf, I'll keep you updated xx
  3. Oh my, day 3 and it's floored me. I feel like I'm back at ground zero, back to where it all started 18 months ago. Sensitivity has gone through the roof, sound is distorted, lights piercing my eyes, just not coping, they tried to walk me to the toilet, bad idea! I ended up a jibbering wreck, didn't know what planet I was on. They've upped my pain meds and anti sickness, I'm currently trying to ride this out. Day 4 today, how long am I going to feel like this, when will I know when the shunt is regulating. Can anyone please give me some advise, tired and emotional x
  4. Long story short, I've kinda dragged my heels going forward into surgery. But that time has arrived. Surgeon decided to try the Lumbar Peritoneal Shunt, L1-L3 with a tube diverting into my tummy. I'm day 2 into my recovery, so glad of your advice Daffodil, really has helped, much appreciated xx I guess my expectations of dark glasses off and ear plugs out, went out of the window. I've even had to wear ear defenders, as I can't tolerate the noise of a busy ward. Just doing my breathing and trying to adjust to these strange sensations. Surgeon said t
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