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  1. Hello again, I am so grateful for all the supportive words that I received after my husband's stroke on the 3rd January this year. He has now had another stroke, this time affecting his left side. He cannot walk and is having physio. He has been in hospital since 12th December. I have been allowed to visit him yesterday and today as it is Christmas eve and Christmas day. This is normally not allowed because of the fear of spreading the coronavirus. I felt sad to see him in his weakened state. I think he will be transferred to a place nearer to our home where there is a rehabilitati
  2. I had not realised until I read these kind and supportive words, how sad and anxious I was. The tears have relieved the tension that I have been feeling and I thank you all for the part you have played in that. John and I took the dogs for a walk today and I was mindful not to walk too far ahead of him along the path through the woods, and to wait for him and be patient. I know I will not change overnight but to know that our situation is one that others know about and have been through is an enormous help to me.
  3. Dear Tina, Thanks so much for your response. I have to confess that going from feeling quite "normal" before reading it, I am now in tears. It has made me realise what an enormous burden I have been suppressing. Your words give me great comfort and will help me to cope much better. Thank you. Brenda.
  4. My husband had a stroke on the 3rd January 2020. His right hand and speech were effected. He made a very good recovery from those symptoms but I have become anxious about behavioral effects. He is very tired, does very little and has little self motivation. He is also easily irritated but sometimes he is not. His memory for recent events is very poor. I am talking about things that happen on the same day let alone yesterday or last week. Yet sometimes he surprises me by what he does remember. To be honest I don't know whether I am coming or
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