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  1. Thankyou all for your good wishes. Needed to connect last night to people who understand the weirdness of a first anniversary. I managed to get some sleep last night😁 a bit of a teary day today but time to move forward now . Really appreciate your replys. X x x have a good day all ❤
  2. Thankyou supermario. Its gonna be a strange night i think. Not sure how to be or how to feel. Im grateful to have survived , also haven't smoked for a year!!!!😂
  3. Hi there Its 1 year ago tonight since I had a SAH and spent weeks in hospital after a coiling. I have been so lucky in that I have no serious physical problems apart from headaches and general weariness most of the time. But i am very emotionally wobbly quite often. Especially tonight so I thought I'd come on here and say Hi. Hope everyone is ok x x
  4. All these posts are from last year so I hope you are all doing well and feeling better. I had my sah last Dec and really identify with what you all say. Still have headaches, tiredness and tears .
  5. Thankyou Matt, I've just joined the group and what you said is exactly how I'm feeling. I had a SAH coiled in December. I look fine although headaches are often and I'm so tired and feel generally odd. Not back at work yet. But thank you. I'm just looking for support and stuff I think .
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