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  1. I have very limited recall of the whole episode. My wife talked me through what happened though, witnessed by my teenage kids, it sounded horrific, but it has brought us closer together and made me love them even more! I now get random hugs from my 13 year old son, silver linings and all that.....
  2. Thanks Fiona, for the very specific advice, I cant wait to have a glass of wine at some stage!
  3. Thanks Macca, I’ll definitely look into this.
  4. Thanks ever so much for all of your kind and inspiring words! I’m off the Nomodipine today, so hopefully a bit more return to normality and no more waking every 4 hours! Little steps......
  5. Thanks Skippy, very sagacious advice!
  6. I'm a recent addition to the community having had a SAH on 5/4/20 caused by a rupture of a 6mm anuerysm in the MCA lateral striate, this was succesfuly coiled 6/4/20. I was then in ICU in St Georges, Tooting for a few days and came home 18/4/20. I am so glad I found his forum/communitty, it is really helping me with learning and prespective; I feel very lucky. Whilst the "event" did occur on my wife's new Peleton, bought to excercise during lockdown, I was perviously a very strong, fit guy in my late 40's; seeing a strength and conditioning coach twice a week and training for competion. This was somewhat unexpected! I also run my own business and last year was president of my trade body, so I am used to living life at 100% however have never really suffered from stress, had low blood pressure and low RHR. Hearing peoples's stories is SOOOO helpful and really helping me give myself permission to take it easy, listen to my body and take my time. Things I am struggling with are: -Double vision -Going to bed expecting to feel better in the morning and then not -Aching muscles, I am literally wasting away and have lost 7 KG! (I started at 97 though!) Luckily though, I have a geat business partner, lovely family and I can now walk around the block, so getting more active. My teeange kids have to walk the dog, then walk the dad! Love to you all and thankyou once again. Mark
  7. I’ve literally just joined having had a SaH nearly three weeks ago and having been home for a few days. I’m early in my journey, but the comments on here help immeasurably. Talk about feeling like a fraud, I was in ICU during peak Covid admissions!
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