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  1. Thank you Paul. I remember you from all those years ago back in 2009 when I discovered BTG while searching about SAH’s and all the advice you gave. I’m glad I could tell her about this site because it really helped her and when she was nominated for a stroke award she was chuffed to bits. Mums passing was very sudden and unexpected. One minute she was fine and the next she got very ill. We thought her shunt had failed but it turned out to be heart failure. Thank you also to the others who have replied and for your kind words. I do read them all but I don’t always come o
  2. Thank you for the lovely flowers and card we just received, it was very kind of you all and much appreciated. My dad placed them on the table next to my mums chair. sarah xxx
  3. Thank you everybody for the kind sentiments, gestures and comments for my mum, our family appreciate it very much. xxx
  4. Hello, I didn't know where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong place, but my mum Win passed away last night. she was fine the early part of last week but on Thursday, last week, she started to become short of breath, had a cough & her feet were slightly swollen. My dad phoned the GP but he could only talk to him over the phone because of the lockdown. GP gave a prescription for penicillin & water tablets as he seemed to think she had a chest infection & he said the water tablets would help with the swelling. I had noticed a slight purple tinge to her
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