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  1. Hello to all, so sorry that I have not been in contact for so long. On October 27 th 2020 I finally took my DVLA arranged Driving Assessment in Exeter. I thought that I wouldn't need any tuition even though I hadn't driven for 22 months. I was so happy to be given a date for the assessment that I didn't read the letter fully and the fact that I could have had tuition. I thought that I drove well for the assessment I all Road conditions. The Assessor informed me that I would be fine but that I needed four hours tuition to practise my reversing. He said that he would advise the
  2. Tania, if I can add to Johnnie's comprehensive reply; I also was left with a quadratananopia but I now shop, walk in the countryside and play sport without problems. Since my stroke I have met two acquaintances locally who unknown to me both had sight in only one eye.Both drive without problems. When I produced my 'Exceptional Case' letter to the Head Orthoptist at the local hospital I think it came as a surprise to her; I think most professionals think that a failure in the FoV test precludes driving. I was advised to exercise my eyes in every way possible, so I presume the s
  3. Hi Tania, firstly, sorry to hear of your husband's stroke. I didn't reply initially as I knew that the excellent Johnnie would reply more comprehensively than I ever could. My eyesight slowly improved over the first couple of weeks following my stroke, but I am left with a deficit in peripheral vision. Like Johnnie I applied for exceptional case status, but it was a statutory requirement to wait a year since my stroke. Because of Covid19, everything seems to have come to a standstill at the DVLA, but I have been told verbally by the DVLA that I will be sent for a driving asses
  4. Johnnie, once again many thanks. It can be Kafkaesque ,however,dealing with the DVLA. When I rang on Monday the eigth, the person professed no knowledge of my good news from the week before and said the medical team hadn't even looked at my case. I was speechless! When I gathered my thoughts and cooled down I rang again in the afternoon and spoke to someone else who , after putting me on hold to investigate, stated that I have been recommended for assessment, but that the assessments have grinded to a halt because of Corvid 19. I still do not have my assessme
  5. Johnnie, you're a star! Some good news. Before I received your comprehensive email yesterday, I gave the DVLA a ring yesterday. The initial DVLA recorded message stated that no calls were being accepted. I persevered and spoke to a member of staff who stated that I will have to sit a driving assessment, and i will receive a letter to this effect in due course, which is all I ever wanted. I'm very happy but I realise that with the corvid 19 lockdown it could be a long wait. At least I know that things are moving. Many,many thanks for all the time and care
  6. Many, many thanks, Johnnie. To cut to the chase, my license was revoked following a DVLA-arranged and paid for Field of Vision test at Specsavers. I failed this test which is when I received the DVLA letter listing seven criteria to apply for exceptional case status. I waited for a year to elapse since my SAH and had an appointment with Head Orthoptician at my local hospital. She kindly wrote to the DVLA to support my claim. After MANY weeks the DVLA asked me to request her support to confirm that I had adapted efficiently to my loss of peripheral vision.
  7. All the above posts and replies are really helpful. I had an SAH IN DEC2018 so I had to wait a year to take the Field of Vision test and apply for Exceptional Case status. Failed Field of Vision test at hospital in Jan 2020. However, I had the seven conditions to apply to be achieve Exceptional Case status. I have lost some peripheral vision in both eyes, but I have been playing top standard table-tennis twice a week since two weeks after my SAH. Still waiting to hear from DVLA: how can I prove to them that I do everything as pre-stroke except drive? Any help or advi
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