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  1. Hi Daff and all! I have been for an MRI on several occasions, even the mobile one parked outside the NHNN entrace, each time I panicked and only managed to last about 5 minutes in them, so no clear result. They are organizing an 'upright' scanner for me, but it's a Harley St job and there is a waiting list, but I've been told I'll be a priority, so I'm hopeful. My shunt can be magnetically altered to different settings, mine is on 5 and I have had follow ups with the Hydrocephalus specialist nurse who was great! I still get pain down the back of the shunt side of my neck, also down
  2. Thank you for the link you sent me Subs, it was very informative. My SAH occurred in April of last year, it was totally out of the blue and it happened whilst I was sitting at home beside my wife. I do not remember it but my wife said I was going mad with pains in my head and neck and my temperature was getting higher, so she rang an ambulance and I was taken to University College Hospital and they transferred me to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queens Square. They fitted coils and a few days later I developed mild Vasospasms and my sodium leve
  3. I am so glad to have found this site or to be honest my wife did! I have been in touch with "HEADWAY" and they have been great but this site seems so interactive and understanding. It has been more than a year since my SAH and all the complications that I endured ie Hydrocephalus,drastic decreasing of sodium and Vasospams. I really do not remember the event happening but thank god my wife was here with me when it happened, or I would not be here talking about it. I have a shunt fitted and would love to hear from others with one implanted, as I have had problems since I
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