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  1. Hi All - I am Sean's wife Julie (think I spoke to one or two of you on my post re PIP). Firstly I wanted to say thank you - Sean is over the moon to be able to chat with people who have had similar experiences and I have noticed a change in Sean in that he looks forward to coming on here and learning and reading and corresponding. Super Mario - I wanted to ask you a specific question if I may regarding the fact the MRI changed your shunt setting as we have been getting a lot of conflicting information (Sean knows I am writing this as he is watching me 🧐). When the MRI was first mentioned (we knew they wanted to do one 6 months post SAH) they knew Sean was claustrophobic so suggested the upright then dismissed it as shunt was not suitable. Anyway as Sean said 2 attempts on MRI's and now they are saying the upright is suitable. Anyway - apologies I can rumble on - my question is before your first MRI were you told that your shunt could be altered by the magnetic field or was it a complete surprise to you that it happened? Because of Sean's dizziness they need the MRI to check everything before they decide if the shunt setting is correct or whether the dizziness is something that will be there permanently. As well as checking the coils and the 2 untreated aneurysms he has. Again many thanks and will try not to hijack Sean's post again but interested in your reply Super Mario 😊
  2. Hi Macca and Louise Many thanks for your replies. We had already filled in the forms ourselves but we will get advice when we do the appeal letter. Again many thanks for the advice -be safe and be well to you both.
  3. Hi Mario Many thanks for the reply - as I said in the OP I was looking for anyone with recent experience - would never expect to get "advice" online. Saying that many thanks for the link to yourable and the information you have provided - it is certainly been helpful and will give me something to look at over the next day or so. We are aiming to call on Friday to do the MC but wanted to have a better idea on what to expect and you have certainly given me that. We realise that this is a long process and current events have made things so much longer. Stay safe, be well in the current climate and thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi I am new on here - I am a carer for my husband who has also joined today but it may take a while for him to post. He recently applied for PIP for the first time and was turned down which we were prepared for. However am interested to hear from anyone regarding recent experience on having the decision reviewed/appealed and were you given any assistance by Citizens Advice or another organisation as wanting to make sure I do the best and give the best advice to my husband. Thanks in advance 🙂
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