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  1. Thank-you for responding Bev. I think I'm hoping that what I'm experiencing is a continuation of neuro fatigue because that feels like it still gives me hope that I can achieve further gains. Kind regards Majella
  2. Thank-you Tina for you encouraging words, they give me hope. It's all a bit scary again at the moment. Kind regards Majella
  3. Thank-you for your response Jess. Interesting observation, as I have longstanding vestibular challenges pre-existing the bleed. Kind regards Majella
  4. Hello everyone It has been quite a while since I posted and I reached my NASAH 1 year anniversary on January 3, 2021. Hard to believe. The second half of my year was taken up with endless specialist appointments, scans and tests for a number of reasons I won't bore you with. At this point everything has improved in varying degrees with the exception of one area. I experience loss of power or weakness in my arms and legs accompanied by breathlessness every day. It is more pronounced when I try to do things like changing a fitted sheet, mopping the shower or any o
  5. Thanks for that Macca. I was hoping for a different answer because I dread the thought of going to the dentist ... noise, vibration, lights and for me lying flat is a challenge. Kind regards Majella
  6. Wondering if anyone else has had trouble with pain in their teeth, particularly those like me who didn't need surgical intervention. 21 months ago I took a tumble breaking my arm at the shoulder. I didn't hit my head in the fall. Soon after I developed pain in my teeth as a whole and a subsequent dental assessment and full on x-ray didn't find anything wrong. Now I've had the NASAH 7 months ago and having the same teeth pain. I can only describe the pain as waves of contractions and it can be very painful. I know this site isn't about medical advice, I'm ju
  7. Hello Subs, and thank-you so much for taking the time to respond. The symptoms emerge over time don't they, bit like peeling the layers of an onion. In terms of my work, it required 100% accuracy, and that combined with my age and the fact that I had broken my arm/shoulder 14 months previous to the bleed all contributed to my decision. When I've found a new norm, I hope to evaluate my skills and apply them to some other sort of work. I'm a doer, and not working/using my brain really challenges me. I've discovered that doing easy crosswords takes me out of myself,
  8. Thank-you CaseyR for your encouraging words. Writing a variety of factual material used to be the stuff of my work, so it makes it a bit easier. The bonus that has come with doing these quarterly reports for my sons, is that it allows me to see where I've made progress by reflecting on each area. It's really helpful when I hit those patches where I don't think I'm doing so well. Kind regards Majella
  9. Last Friday marked six months since I had a Grade 1 NASAH in the frontal lobe with modified Fisher Scale measuring volume and spread showing Grade 4 volume and spread, so I thought I would follow up my original introduction with these notes that I sent to my children who don't live nearby. Where I’m at now … Hearing, taste, vision, bowel, bladder and gut have all improved significantly. My vision was one that was affected badly and I didn’t realise how stressful it was until it improved, gut too was pretty awful and still is at times. I’m highly sensitive to sound/noise, and v
  10. Thanks so much Daffodil, I am going to start journaling as a way to document everything. Kind regards Majella
  11. Thanks Tina, it's wonderful how people take the time to respond. Kind regards Majella
  12. Thankyou Macca. I have been told by professionals and those close to me that patience doesn't seem to be in my make-up. Some work to be done! Kind regards Majella
  13. Thanks Louise. It is a roller-coaster isn't it, and bewildering! Kind regards Majella
  14. Thanks for responding Jean. It is a bewildering experience. I noticed the number of people who have talked about the importance of hydration so am giving that much attention at the moment. Kind regards Majella
  15. A 60 something Australian female who suffered A Grade 1 SAH with no identified cause and Grade 4 on the modified Fisher Scale. Frontal Lobe, large volume early in January 2020. Told it would be 12 months to recovery. At this point I'm 23 weeks in. Fatigue, confabulation, headaches, cognitive skills, emotional lability, memory problems, ongoing daily challenges. Senses, sleep and gut have all improved. Have had to give up work which has been hard to let go of. Very glad to have found this site as there's not much info out their really. Kind regards Majella
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