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  1. Thanks so much Daffodil, I am going to start journaling as a way to document everything. Kind regards Majella
  2. Thanks Tina, it's wonderful how people take the time to respond. Kind regards Majella
  3. Thankyou Macca. I have been told by professionals and those close to me that patience doesn't seem to be in my make-up. Some work to be done! Kind regards Majella
  4. Thanks Louise. It is a roller-coaster isn't it, and bewildering! Kind regards Majella
  5. Thanks for responding Jean. It is a bewildering experience. I noticed the number of people who have talked about the importance of hydration so am giving that much attention at the moment. Kind regards Majella
  6. A 60 something Australian female who suffered A Grade 1 SAH with no identified cause and Grade 4 on the modified Fisher Scale. Frontal Lobe, large volume early in January 2020. Told it would be 12 months to recovery. At this point I'm 23 weeks in. Fatigue, confabulation, headaches, cognitive skills, emotional lability, memory problems, ongoing daily challenges. Senses, sleep and gut have all improved. Have had to give up work which has been hard to let go of. Very glad to have found this site as there's not much info out their really. Kind regards Majella
  7. I so like the use of the word "shutdown". That's exactly what fatigue looks like in me.
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