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  1. Good morning, Jess!  THANK YOU!  I am so happy for you and your family.  Thank you for sharing this; my daughter is still looking forward to starting her family (and hoping I'll be around to be the grandmother), so this is very encouraging for both of us - and, again, I am SO happy for you!  Best wishes to all of you.  alexis

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  2. Thank you for this info, Jess.  Since you've been dealing with it for 18 years, that helps relieve some of my anxiety.  Thanks to your advice and that of another poster, I'm going to step up water drinking, rest more, and focus on blessings!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the family photo - VERY encouraging.  Best of luck to you all!

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  3. Hello, everyone,  I am grateful to be part of this site!  My 3-aneuryism SAH recovery is going well and I hope it will be so for all of you reading this.


    My chief complaint is an unexplained (to me) feeling that my head is full of water or jellow - my voice echoes, I feel unsteady and have trouble forming my words. 


    I can't tie the occurrences to any particular situation, nor can I do so when it resolves.  The occurrences only happen when I am awake and can last anywhere from an hour to all day.  Has anyone else experienced this? 


    Due to the pandemic, I can't get to my doctor and this issue is becoming more and more concerning.


    Thank you in advance to anyone who has a similar experience or comment!

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