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  1. Hi Vincent, Thanks for your reply I am very grateful, the results from the eye test he did at the hospital have resulted in it looking like he has hemianopia ( he definitely doesn’t think so and so do I to be be honest as he can see everything in the bottom of his right eye ) Would this now be more difficult for him to apply to get it back after the year has passed ? We are due back in 4 weeks for another field test at the hospital as we requested another ( I think it was the shock ) I just want to be prepared and ready to try to help him with this. I’m sorry bu
  2. Hi Johnnie, Thank you so much for your reply. It was the hospital and his occupational therapist that have arranged the appointment for him, as she was hoping to work with him on the vision loss for driving but with what the lady that did the test is saying I know that won’t happen now. The OT wanted to send him for a driving assessment but has been told 'no' from hospital as the loss of vision is quite severe. We just don’t know where to turn or what to do, does eyesight get better ? Can you do anything to help it ? Is this really the end for his driving ? Can h
  3. Good morning , I have just come across this and decided to sign up just to try and get some advice, my husband suffered several strokes in January and has just been for his first field test yesterday which he has failed and was told that was it basically! He didn’t pass what was needed to be able to drive and this has absolutely broken him. He has lost quite a bit of vision in the top of his right eye can anyone at all please tell me where we go from here? What will happen next ? I feel with what’s going on at the moment “Covid” we were in and out in no time. We were i
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