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  1. Thank you so much for replying. I’m glad you are ok. I think I did the worse thing and googled it, as I never even heard of it before and all I could see was the worst case scenarios. And yes not being able to see her is making me anxious mess. I just want her back so I can look after her. Is this classed as a stroke? They aren’t operating, and sending her back to a closer hospital which is good. i think I’m just being inpatient and wanting her well again ASAP. xx
  2. Hi there I’m hoping to get some insight into NASAH. My mum called an ambulance yesterday morning at 830am, was confirmed to be a bleed on the brain. She was transferred to a specialist hospital to undergo more scans, which revealed NASAH-which is good news I hope? Its very early on I know but I have no idea what to expect. Is it in her favour to pull through? Have they caught it at right time? I called this evening to check how she is and she’s still in a lot of pain, and confused/drowsy etc. Is this to be expected? When will she start to improve so I c
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