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  1. Macca, thank you for taking the time and interest to understand and respond to my post. You have been very helpful. Points one, two, five, and six are right in line with what I was contemplating further on throughout my day yesterday. I have often shared my own experience whenever applicable when working with my patients, however, it seems it's usually been in a very past-tense way. Point two really speaks to me. I believe the pandemic, in my work setting, has pushed the workload to a level that brings about my limitations, and have manifested into other phy
  2. Thank you for your post, Matt. I fully understand what you're saying. It's been just over two years since my hemorrhage and, all in all, my recovery has been good-to the point I thought I could function in life same as before, other than being a little more tired and trouble finding my words at times..which I downplayed or joked about. Recently, though, issues have arisen that have caused me to take a more serious look at the effects of the hemorrhage and how they may impact my function. It's difficult, isn't it? When you know you're one of the "lucky ones", when others
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